What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

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Not to pile on any further, but this article from the local rag underscores the degree to which Jindal underwhelmed. You see, the local paper, as well as local television stations have relentlessly promoted the governor–and did so well before he became governor. To be sure, there’s a bit of ‘local boy makes good;’ however, Jindal’s brand of hyper-conservatism sells down here.

I remember in 2003 being mildly surprised at the degree to which local reporters displayed their disappointment at Jindal’s loss to Kathleen Blanco…not that I expect journalists to actually be objective, but you’d think if nothing else they’d pretend. After Katrina and the flood, the 2007 race became less an election and more of an annointing/laying on of hands. The Democrats put up only token opposition. And the Democratic stronghold–New Orleans–was and remains depopulated, making a steep hill for any candidate come 2011.

So, despite falling flat on the national stage, I expect PBJ will win re-election rather easily. But at least for now he’ll have to content himself with being a big fish in a small pond, at least as long as comparisons to Kenneth the Page are out there. Ridicule is VERY hard to overcome.

Interestingly, another Louisiana governor had a disastrous national debut that effectively ended his larger ambitions. Edwin Edwards was touted in the 70s as a possible candidate for at least VP; however, I was told that for at least one public event Edwin’s choice of livery–the “electric blue [leisure?] suit”–marked him as a hopeless rube. Of course, Edwards had other issues, and I half suspect he wasn’t all that unhappy remaining a regional figure, provided there were ample opportunities to pad his wallet, and ample opportunities of a different sort on LSU’s Sorority Row.

And no one ever compared him to a hopeless nerd.

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  1. Everyone I’ve ever talked to from Louisiana tells me that Edwin’s biggest problem is that he’s too full of life, and the mere mortals now in power have to keep him locked up to prevent the Edwards dynasty from continuing.

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