One of Jindal’s “favorite stories”

When Jindal told his Harry Lee story it sounded off to me. TPM has beenposting on the veracity of the story and thelatest is here.

Also of note isthis found in yesterday’s column by Stephanie Grace of the Times Picayune:

Jindal then proceeded to tellone of his favorite stories, about the
time he walked into the late Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee’s
office just after the storm and found him up in arms over the fact that
“some bureaucrat” wouldn’t let a flotilla of volunteer rescue boats
through without proof of insurance and registration. (my emphasis)

One of his favorite stories?

Sounds like Bobby has told this story before. Apparently no one bothered to question the veracity of it until now… but ya know it’s all just“liberal blogger B.S.”

5 thoughts on “One of Jindal’s “favorite stories”

  1. Actually, as chronicled over atNo More Mister Nice Blog, Jindal has told an ongoing version of the story. I love to fish, and this has all the hallmarks of a classic fish story; it keeps getting more intricate and the storyteller becomes more heroic as the versions continue to pile up. In this era when politicians’ every public word (and as Roland Burris discovered, some of their private ones, too) is recorded, why do they insist on believing they can get away with lying, whether it’s Hillary’s bravery under fire on the tarmac or Jindal’s heroics “during Katrina”?

  2. There is an archive video of Sheriff Harry Lee going around the internet (Memorandum) backing up every thing that Jindal has said. You might want to look at it before going any farther with this story.

  3. The video doesn’t back up what Jindal said. It makes it clear that the story was at best highly embellished in his Tuesday address.

  4. What gets me is that Jindall told this story in the so-called rebuttal as a pivotal moment in telling who he is (and the republicans are).
    It is interesting that the defining story of who he is (and the republicans are) is actually true – a bunch of delusional -or- lying windbags expecting the people to believe anything they say.

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