Calgon, Take Me Away

Well, to be fair to the Galtists, who DOESN’T want this:

As I write this though, it occurs to me that in Rand’sAtlas Shrugged
the Galt’s Gulch people ain’t coming back, no matter how badly the
world needs them. They’re done with us; the creation of their utopia
isn’t meant to inspire hope. It’s pretty much a big “fuck you” to the
rest of the world. That’s why I think today’s “Galtists” aren’t looking
to create an ideal society – they want to beraptured.

ideal societies that reflect your core beliefs? Too much work. They
want to be whisked off to a magical kingdom where what they perceive to
be their gifts will be recognized and rewarded while the rest of us
accursed hoi polloi deal with the tribulation and Obama’s tax plan.

Anytime somebody wants to whisk me away to a magical kingdom where my gifts will be recognized and rewarded with cotton candy and unicorns and ferrets of all shapes and sizes and single-malt scotch on tap, you know where to find me, I’m just saying.

Seriously, from the talk about the Coming IslamoFascist Invasion to the bitching about immigration and affirmative action all the way back to Y2K disaster-preparedness I keep seeing the same people popping up, people who are convinced that in some other universe, in some other reality, they’d just be fucking KING, so bring on the doomsday scenario already. And by “bring it on” they mean bring it to them, and set it on the TV tray, Mom, and then go back upstairs.


5 thoughts on “Calgon, Take Me Away

  1. The irony is that anyone who has read the book knows that those who created Galt’s Gulch did so not to shore up and to run away from the corporate socialist-fascists (Taggart equals AIG, Citibank and whatever other Wall St corporation propped up by both flavors of our government) and a state closing in on personal independence and choice. The utopia was not a place to shirk responsibility but to make a more sustainable society based on barter, intellect, mutual benefits and enlightened self-interest. I can’t stand that the book is so misunderstood and self-righteous, unproductive morons like this who usurp it for whatever crap they’re railing against today.

  2. By “self-righteous, unproductive morons like this,” I didn’t mean A Blog Named Sue, but idiots who say that they should make like Galt and show the communist Democrats who’s boss by running away and hiding inside a Colorado valley like a bunch of Freemen. Two words: Flash Floods.
    But, being raptured is not the ultimate aim of the book, either. They made their own society there where people had responsibilities and had to work to earn their keep, just like self-sufficient tribes exist in parts of the world we haven’t yet run over with logging trucks.

  3. arrested developement. they are stuck in the terrible 2s. MINE! ALL MINE!
    the ‘masters of the universe’ can go fuck themselves.

  4. By “self-righteous, unproductive morons like this,” I didn’t mean A Blog Named Sue,
    Hey, I’ll cop to self-righteous and unproductive. If you hadn’t added “moron” I might have taken it personally.

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