Is it any wonder nobody’s sympathetic to these dicks?

Insurance companies say they have no choice but to honor contracts, and banks are pleading that their assets will be worth more if you just give them a little time.

For anyone, especially in business, who has tried to make those same arguments to insurers and bankers, to no avail, it’s painfully rich.

As in the case ofa whole fucking city, for example?


Seriously, I’ve been trying to work up something to say about AIG all week and I honestly don’t have an opinion about the bonuses. I don’t know why I don’t. Maybe it’s my total lack of surprise that rapacious corporate assholes who fucked everything up wouldn’t suddenly stop fucking everything up or being assholes just because it was taxpayer money instead of their own money. Money isn’t real to these people anyway, it doesn’t represent cans of beans or sacks of flour or the car payment to them. My shock is nonexistent.

More likely, though, it’s that Congress and the President can get more worked up about some be-Brooks-Brothers-ed schmucks stealing some cash than they can about hundreds of people being tortured in secret prisons around the globe. Destroy the idea of America in six easy steps? Admonishing you in any way would be backwards-looking! Buy yourself a gold umbrella stand on the public dime? To the stocks with ye!


4 thoughts on “Insurance

  1. Nice Point.
    And may I add the credit card financial companies – how much interest, what penalties for late payment, and how your card will be adjusted for even changes in other areas of your credit.

  2. I’m a huge fan of the special excise tax proposal.
    99% tax for the bastards!!

  3. lets pay bonuses using he most toxic assetts we can find in lieu of cash.
    If they can fix the mess, they make out, and so do we.
    If not, they’re on the hook for massive liabilities, as they should be.

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