4 thoughts on “This Year

  1. Good stuff. I’m old and out of touch, so I wasn’t familiar with them. So I immediately watched half a dozen videos on you tube. It was all this good. What great, straightforward songwriting.Thanks.

  2. favorite Mountain Goats, “Original Air-blue Gown”
    rain all burned away
    the horseflies are an irridescent green
    plums boiled down to pulp
    drying on a screen
    bright red air inside the house here
    i can barely draw breath
    dark blue shapes popped behind my eyelids
    i am not afraid of death
    and on the television
    black and white footage of the young Cassius Clay
    my god, my god, my god
    he was something
    fists flashing as he comes toward the screen
    sailing headlong into nothing
    and disappearing
    out there in the clearing
    floating down the slight breeze
    that plays along the edge of the leaves
    it’s you.
    it’s you.
    it’s you.

  3. Thanks for posting. This is one of my favorite songs and had never seen the video!

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