Bad Faith

Via Balloon Juice, we learn that anyone sticking up for Dodd wants Obama to fail and isjust as bad as Rush Limbaugh OMG !!11!

And there’s a constituency for this type of garbage (which
is not really that different than or morally superior to the Glen Beck or Sean
Hannity or Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh inverse poutrages on the right):
primarily some folks that supported Senators Clinton or Edwards in the
primaries against Obama and, like Limbaugh, they “hope he fails.”

And what faster hope could they have to make him fail than
to seek to remove Obama’s Treasury Secretary at exactly the moment when he’s
begun to implement the economic recovery plan.


Any different Treasury Secretary would be
following the exact same instructions as the current one. The
suggestion that President Obama is somehow hands off on the economic
recovery or the kind of weak mind subject to Svengali-like hypnotism by
his cabinet members is the real “magical thinking” going on here. More
“magical thinking” (they like that term over there in the Poutrage
Club, so let’s make them eat it) comes in their delusional ignorance of
what the consequences would be for the economic recovery and the 2010
midterm Congressional elections if the Republicans in the US Senate
were to be given a second shot at derailing a Treasury nominee. They
clearly haven’t thought it through, or, if they have, then why can’t
they just admit they secretly hope, like Limbaugh, for failure?

It’s become such a tired script from the
same cast of
characters only two months into the new administration that eventually
predict many will come to see them as I do: Objectively speaking, I
consider them members of the opposition. Their goal is to tear down the
Obama program, just
as much as it is the Republican National Committee’s goal to do that.
At least
Limbaugh is honest. He “hopes Obama fails.” But these cats keep
claiming they’re
on our side. I don’t consider them to be onmy side or
yours. (And obviously, I don’t care if they feel offended by my
willingness to say aloud what so many of you whisper.) I wouldn’t let
them near
my foxhole. And my guess is that others that previously gave them the
of the doubt are losing any such illusion as well.

First of all, “cats,” we’re still saying now?

Second, without Geithner as Treasury Secretary the universe will collapse and there will be no economic recovery, but then later in the same piece, any other treasury secretary will do just as well? WTF? Are Jane and Glenn trying to take down Geithner unfairly and horribly, thus scuttling any economic recovery and surely killing us all, or are they trying to take down Geither unnecessarily, such that their actions won’t make any difference except to Republicans and thus it’s pointless?

Third, who said anyone wanted to get near Al’s foxhole?

Fourth, fuck shit Jesus, Jane and Glenn are as bad as Rush for saying erm, Dodd didn’t really do anything other than what he clumsily said he did, which is to adhere to the request of the leader of his party or that leader’s representatives — in Geithner’s case — and it might be nice if that leader was there for the man who stood up when everybody else was endorsing his rival, for fuck’s sake. I’m not defending Dodd’s capitulation to what has turned out to be a politically stupid move (if not the outrage of the century everyone thinks it is), or any of his other missteps, but for a couple news cycles now Republicans have been making him their Dodd-shapedpinata:

A takedown of anational party figure like Dodd would be a coup for Republicans eager to rebound from their recent congressional losses.

“This is a state we will be actively participating in,” said Amber Wilkerson, a spokeswoman for theNational Republican Senatorial Committee.

And it might be nice if they were visited by Rahm and his bag of whoopass telling them to cut it the fuck out. I don’t agree withGlenn that Obama officials were specifically blaming Dodd — that one seems to be on the perpetually bitchy Village pundit class — but they certainly got caught flat-footed here, making it possible for Republicans to have a really good time kicking the guy who owned them repeatedly on every issue imaginable in 2007 and 2008.

But hey, why discuss what happened and who’s to blame for it and how this story’s changing by the hour as people get their asses covered when you can accuse people of working out their psychodramas and carrying torches for Edwards and Hillary at Obama’s expense:

Their latest failed attempts (two of many so far in only the first
eight weeks of the new administration) to storm the gates of the White House
and make a scapegoat out of (fill in the blank: Emanuel, Geithner, whatever
absent father figure is in their craws on any given day) reveal the simple
formula of their online aneurisms and from here on out will serve as a guide to
how they whip themselves into a froth so routinely only to be discredited
within days of each spastic attack.


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  1. Jeebus. Everybody needs to calm the fuck down, fergawdsake. And Rahm needs to save his shiv for the other guys.

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