10 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. Now, imagine this same scene played out over the entirety of a small apartment by four 7-month-old cats, including a pair of siamese kittens with gray tabby markings who kinda remind me of Puck & Riot except with MOAR vertical leaping…then imagine it consistently happening about an hour before the time you intended to wake up…

  2. ohhh…they are…they are…once they emerged from their little cattery crate where they were born at the age of about 3 weeks the lack of sleep they have caused me has eviscerated my descriptive capacity, and yet i love the little monkeys so

  3. Crapture, watching kittens playing is damn fine quality entertainment.
    my favorite kitten move: the crab walk

  4. at 7 mos, they’re not quite so tiny… in fact, 3rd-born, Snowflake is now in the habit of doing her LONGCAT impersonation whenever possible…lies down on he bed and stretches out as far as she can, then makes a little yappy noise to get my attenion as if to say ” check me out…i am LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG”

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