Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin Need to Talk

About that silly “volcano monitoring” stuff:

— Alaska’s Mount Redoubt volcano erupted four times overnight, sending
an ash plume more than 9 miles high into the air, but the state’s
largest city has likely been spared from any ashfall.

“The ash
cloud went to 50,000 feet, and it’s currently drifting toward the
north, northeast,” said Janet Schaefer, a geologist with the Alaska
Volcano Observatory.

The first eruption, in a sparsely area
across Cook Inlet from the Kenai Peninsula, occurred at 10:38 p.m.
Sunday and the fourth happened at 1:39 a.m. Monday, according to the

The wind patterns were taking the ash cloud away
from Anchorage, toward Willow and Talkneetna, near Mount McKinley,
North America’s largest mountain in Denali National Park.

Geophysicist John Power said no cities have yet reported any ash fall
from the volcano, but noted that it was still early.

radar and satellite technology, the National Weather Service is
predicting ash to start falling later Monday morning.


7 thoughts on “Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin Need to Talk

  1. Jindal’s whole political persona, especially that Kenneth the Page response, is such an elaborate fabrication. The man was a Rhodes Scholar! You know he used “volcano monitoring” to rile people up, calculating that “hell, volcanoes hardly EVER erupt, so I can get away with this.” I hope he crapped his pants when he heard about this event.

  2. his people will not connect the two. because government shouldn’t pay for it. i guess it’s for states like AK and HI, and i guess WA. NOT FEDERAL for his people.

    Hey Hey Bobby J, did’ja make the volcano erupt today?
    At least he hasn’t made any Special Olympics comments…yet.

  4. Thinking people want to know, if Governor Palin can see the volcano from her porch, does that make her a volcanologist?

  5. A small, mean little part of me wanted to run around the apartment cheering when Jindahl dropped his little volcano comment, because it was the most transparently idiotic thing I’ve ever seen in a political speech, dumber than anything Palin ever said. And he’s supposed to be the smart technocratic Republican. How’s that working out?
    More reasonable me would like even an opposition party in support of technology which keeps Americans not blown up by volcanoes, which seems the least we can expect of government.

  6. palin’s in trouble in alaska.
    little flags bearing her image have begun appearing in dog poop up there. apparently that happened to gov. murkowski before he got turned out of office.
    yesterday i tripped over a new internet toy — XtraNormal. you can make animated films by popping in your own text and picking characters, background, camera angles, facial expressions. it’s pretty hilarious.
    i made one with a bit of the transcript from couric and palin’s second go-round.

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