12 thoughts on “Nuts Day!!—Did I mention he was a fascist edition

  1. Love it:
    He’s a fascist, because he is.
    All together, how many folks would you estimate in the crowd? perhaps 50 to 100?
    And how many folks turned out at DC for Obama’s swearing in?
    Now if I can wrap my head around the liberal fascist Nazi who is Muslim born in Kenya / Hawaii / Malaysia.

  2. It looks like they did manage to fill Federal Plaza here in Chicago, it takes a few hundred to do that.
    If they wanted to be an answer to the anti-war and immigrants’ rights rallies of the last few years, they’ll have to do a lot better.

  3. Here in a rural county in Missouri, population around 17,000 for the county. There were about 1/2 dozen folks in front of the courthouse and 2 children obviously under age 5.
    Protestor signs were strictly along the line of cutting taxes.
    Odd thing was that 4 of the protestors were of ages that I’m guessing they were from the local college.
    In short, as Jed Clampett would say, pit-tea-full

  4. The really uplifting part of that video is finally seeing a CNN reporter interested in reporting the reality of these nuts day protests. She deserves all of our gratitude, and it took courage to say what she said, in that setting.

  5. So today Mark “World’s most annoying voice” Levin said that she was an idiot and a moron for questioning the second guy who was going on about Lincoln. Then he said that CNN was jealous of Fox. Finally he said that Fox didn’t come up with this idea. (They just promoted went unsaid.)
    What is interesting to me is that the reporters so rarely challenge crazy people and show just how crazy they are. On the right. On the left they love to talk to any crazy person they can find.

  6. Kudos to the reporter.
    The crowd got ugly before the cut back to the studio.
    Nationwide, I wonder what the turnout was. Figure all told they got a half million?

  7. Good point Spocko.
    Locally, we have a guy that keeps running for city council. If you take sound bites, he has some good ideas. But if you do the least bit of questioning, you see that he is really off the wall.
    A little journalism can go a LOOOOOONNNNNNG way.

  8. I had to drive through a set of protesters on streetcorners near my house on the way home last night. I was listening to the local NPR folks tell me that Governor Ritter here in CO had decided not to back one of the solutions for the $300 million shortfall in state funding for higher education. So now it’s back to the drawing board, and another several weeks before I know if I’m gonna have a job next year.
    Thanks alot, teabaggers. Thanks a fucking lot. It’s clear to me that you won’t be happy till the United States is a third world nation that you can rule with a military junta.
    It’s enough to make me want to throw up. Preferably on a wingnut.
    God, I’m tired…

  9. Tried to enter this in as a comment yesterday…
    …but Susan Roesgen was an anchor and reporter here in New Orleans for a while before she went national. I’d say her BS detector is certainly locked and loaded, if not primed for such farces as the tea parties.

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