RIP: Midge Miller

Midge miller
Wisconsin has lost a great one. John Nichols hasa fine write-up including this great story of 9/11 and Klondike Bars:

But Miller didn’t wait for presidents to lead; she did her own

On Sept. 11, 2001, when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center
and the Pentagon, Miller was in a Senate office building on Capitol
Hill. She had used a tax rebate provided by the new administration
of George Bush and Dick Cheney to travel to Washington to lobby
against Bush’s proposed Star Wars national missile defense program,
and she was not about to allow the crisis of the moment to prevent
her from delivering her message.

“They told us all that they were evacuating the building. We were
shuffled out,” Miller recalled. “The guys out in front said the
Pentagon was smoking. It sounded horrible. But I couldn’t do
anything about that, so I thought I’d better keep on lobbying.”

And so she did, walking right up to senators and aides gathered on
the Capitol grounds and buttonholing them. At a time when everyone
was talking generally about the threat of war, she was talking
specifically about the danger of nuclear weapons and misguided
priorities. “I was saying, ‘Look, we’ve just been given all the
evidence we need that President Bush’s national missile defense
plan is not the answer. If you develop these Star Wars weapons in
the heavens, the people who want to attack the United States will
find another way to do it.'”

“I have always said that, sooner or later, we would have proof that
the threat wasn’t in outer space. I thought it would come later. I
was wrong, it came sooner,” she explained the next day, when we
caught up with one another in Wisconsin Congresswoman Tammy
Baldwin’s office. “But I sure wasn’t going to lose the opportunity
to make this point. It’s too important.”

When the senators finally fled the Hill for safer ground on that
Sept. 11, Miller reluctantly headed back to the apartment where she
was staying.“People were still talking about the possibility of
more attacks hitting Washington, so I went and got two Klondike
bars,” she told me. “I figured if I was going to die, I’d have ice

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6 thoughts on “RIP: Midge Miller

  1. pansypoo, do you ever have any constructive or sensible comments? I can’t recall anything that wasn’t either dismissive, disruptive, or incoherent, and I’ve been reading here for years.
    On to the comment I want to leave about this story: Good for Midge Miller. She should have a suitable memorial.
    Lobbying, as opposed to “being a lobbyist” on K Street, is a privilege more US citizens should remember they can use to the advantage of those of us who don’t live inside the Beltway fishbowl.

  2. Wow, what a fine citizen she was.
    I’m sorry to say I don’t think I knew about her before.
    Thanks for posting this Scout.

  3. Midge was part of a group of amazing women around Madison, raising families, consciousness and hell. I so admire them.
    We women who came after them owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

  4. indeed. i was looking thru another one of my children’s encyclopdepoas-the book of knowledge. copywrited 1898-1912 and hit-‘the new woman’. mostly about rare business women. but quite interesting.
    now, how do we get the 3rd world to move forward?

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