Objectively Pro-Soviet


OK, to be technical, it’s “Objectively Pro-Red China” — and Objectively Pro-Torture; however, it’s ironic that the very people screeching about “socialist” Obama spent the last eight years shilling for a regime that literally took their interrogation cues from the commie handbook for eliciting false confessions.

And now we know why they needed false confessions, i.e., that was a feature, not a bug.

Ironic, but not surprising. Intellectual dishonesty is pretty much the neo-con’s stock in trade — otherwise they’d be embarrassed to claim their fealty to “small government” while simultaneously supporting both the military and prison industrial complexes, not to mention their zeal with regards to privatization generally…in fact, the only “socialism” they don’t support…is the kind that offers some benefit to the population as a whole.

Sounds like the old Soviet Union.

One thought on “Objectively Pro-Soviet

  1. it certainly wasn’t american. or what we claim is american. this will go down as a dark dark period of our history. a stain.

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