9 thoughts on “Happy Hillary Photo

  1. The smiling and the slow rising tone of the voice, damn.
    I appreciate your different views of the situation Rep Pence but President Obama won the presidency and I am now going to EAT your BIG LOSER HEAD.

  2. Ohhh, snap! Dana Rorabacher is a tool, and Hillary took him out at the knees. Attagirl!

  3. And I just watched the Pence clip. God, is Pence just the most pretentious, smarmy, oily, icky guy you’ve ever seen this side of the Bush Administration? And she just took him apart.
    I love it. A thing of beauty.

  4. I love her!!! This is the Hillary I want to see from now on… and if she doesn’t want to be President in 2016, maybe she would like to be on the Supreme Court?

  5. She just demolished Pence. I would have approved if she’d put an American flag over her shoulders and taken a victory lap.
    The funny thing about the Chavez incident is that for all the crap about how Obama gave away our children’s hope in America with a handshake, if you actually watch the video Chavez just bum-rushed him like a teenager at a Beatles concert. Hell was he supposed to do, punch him?

  6. Let us not forget, Dana Rohrabacher used to be quite palsy-walsy with theTaliban, saying they were “devout traditionalists” who’d build a disciplined society that would have no room for terrorism if they were only encouraged to do so. He liked them so much, he posed forsouvenir photos with them.
    (To be fair, Rohrabacher was really only espousing the conventional wisdom in the US at the time, since the mainstream media at leastlooooved the Taliban back in the ’90s, because they saw them as being the US’ allies in stopping the drug trade. At the time, of course, Taliban operatives were destroying poppy crops. And the US government loves any right-wing misogynist torture regime, as long as it’s sufficiently anti-drug.)

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