Wow. Just … Wow.


TheSuburban Journals, sister paper to theSt. Louis Post-Dispatch, last weeklaid off the reporter who took a bullet in the hand during the infamous February 7, 2008, Kirkwood City Council shootings.

Todd Smith, 37, and aJournals reporter since September 2006, was the only person injured in the shootings to survive. He said the newspaper laid him off last Wednesday for budgetary reasons.

“I got called in Tuesday and told I needed to be at a meeting on Wednesday,” Smith said. “I’d heard that thePost and [an unnamed] reporter won an award for the Kirkwood coverage, so at first I thought it might be about that.”

But when Smith walked in for the meeting on Wednesday, April 15, he was told he was one ofnumerous people being let go across the chain.

Smith wasthe online editor
for the West County and South County editions. “I thought I was OK
since the Internet and the website are the future, and performance-wise
I was doing fine. My family is obviously really not happy that I took
a bullet for a business. But I guess in these
economic times that isn’t enough to save you.”

Via Romenesko. In other news, turns out a Pulitzer-quality story is no guarantee of employment, either.


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  1. Yep, and INDenverTimes didn’t make its goal of 50,000 subscribers (which I thought was ridiculously ambitious, but I subscribed anyway). That’s the one that was staffed by ex-Rocky Mtn. News staffers. They’re still trying to figure out where to go from here. I’m still hopeful they’ll make a go of it one way or the other.
    On the other hand, you have the Salon story about the Army pushing Army psychologists to cut back on PTSD diagnoses.
    So, I’m confused. Is journalism dead? Or is it, “Not dead yet. Feeling much better,” and waiting for a Sam Zell-wannabe to whack it over the head?

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