8 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. personally, i think shep smith looks like he’s been drinking …
    of course, given where he was sitting, i’d have been drinking too.

  2. I’m surprised. I didn’t know there were any limits on how low employees of Fox would stoop. Now that I know there is a limit for some of them, at least, there is a slim hope that others there may take notice and evaluate themselves a little more critically.

  3. I love the look on Shep’s face when you see the producer talking in his ear and he goes “Oops.”
    BTW–watching Fox News is fucking torture (which is why I don’t watch).

  4. Don’t you love how after he lets that out, the other guy (I don’t watch Fox so I don’t know the guy’s name) keeps going as if Shep hadn’t said anything? “Yes, I know, we don’t fucking torture, but in fact, there are these different schools of thought about whether it’s effective — ”
    How can any sane human being respond that way? Even on television? Even on Fox?

  5. Yeah, but didn’t he backtrack immediately? In the clip I saw, he went to say something like, now I’m not saying what torture is or isn’t, just that America doesn’t do it.
    Which is kind of like saying, if we do it, by definition it isn’t torture. Which is what wingnuts have been saying all along.

  6. The “oops” is priceless. If I had to take somebody from Fox, Shep’d be the guy. Not that I’d take anybody from Fox.
    And Nora, that question is dead-on. It’s like they’re proposing decapitation as a treatment for brain cancer. It’s completely insane. But sanity was in short supply after 9/11, and some people (a frightening number) never got it back.
    I think Shep’s started to come back with Katrina, and this is just one more step for him. Here’s hoping he has the balls to quit Fox.

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