Two stories.

First is from Times Online titled…“Rape, beatings and bribery: Iraqi police out of control.” It opens with:

The brief film is deeply disturbing, even in a country famed for its al-Qaeda
beheading videos and sniper snuff movies. The young woman, evidently
drugged, vomiting and occasionally calling for her mother, tries weakly to
stop the grinning man in a white T-shirt and boxer shorts from pulling off
her underwear.

She fails. The man, instructing the cameraman to shoot the scene with his
mobile phone from various angles, rapes her.

That is not the only shocking aspect of the film, according to Jassim
al-Bidawi, former Mayor of Fallujah and now a human rights activist. He has
identified the rapist as an Iraqi police officer, and says that the
cameraman is one, too. They are thought to have drugged the woman as she
visited her husband in a detention centre in Ramadi. Since the rapist’s
uncle is a senior policeman in the city the attacker is all but untouchable,
Mr al-Bidawi says.

The second story is from McClatchy and titled…“Islamic Insurgents advance closer to Pakistani capital.” It opens with:

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Islamic extremists killed a paramilitary
officer, set up checkpoints and ransacked homes Thursday as they
enforced their control over a district 60 miles from Pakistan’s
capital, while other reports said they were infiltrating districts even
closer to Islamabad.

The White House called the growing crisis in the nuclear-armed South
Asian nation “deeply disturbing,” and several key U.S. lawmakers told
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the Obama administration’s new
$7.5 billion plan to help stabilize Pakistan could be doomed by the
failure of its government and military to battle the insurgents.

in Pakistan also would doom the U.S.-led effort to defeat the Taliban
and al Qaida in Pakistan, and could lead to new tensions between
Pakistan and India.

Disturbing that we are so far from success and so close to failure in that region.

4 thoughts on “Disturbing

  1. “Since the rapist’s uncle is a senior policeman in the city the attacker is all but untouchable, Mr al-Bidawi says. ”
    Let’s edit that a bit: “Since the man who ordered the torture of POWs is a Republican, he is all but untouchable”
    None of us should feel the slightest superiority to Iraqis. The time when that could be done is long past.

  2. Hell, hoppy, there are a bunch of police officers in Ohio who just got away with sexually assaulting at least a half a dozen women (including one who’d called the police herself because her boyfriend was threatening her), and they had videotaped the whole thing. The jury declined to convict, apparently, and the police force has declined to sanction the officers in any way. And those are only the victims we know about. It’s entirely likely other ones haven’t come forward, given how few women report incidents of that nature (for obvious reasons).
    Sexual abuse of women by male police officers is ubiquitous and relatively commonplace. I don’t thinkany culture has a leg to stand on here.

  3. Disturbing that we are so far from success
    Does anyone know whatsuccess means? I think that’s disturbing.

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