Quitting Time Booster Shot

Yeah, this is how I feel when I’m forced to watch Grey’s Anatomy…

– Someone needs to find the guys and gals who are responsible for Grey’s Anatomy and stab them in the heart with a pencil. First of all, if the people on that show were having as much sex in real life as the show intimates that the characters are, the guys would look like Ken dolls and the women would look like the Holland Tunnel. Second, it’s 9 p.m. on a Thursday, it’s fucking up my ability to watch the basketball playoffs because the Missus TiVOs it. Third and most importantly, then I’ve got to sit there and watch a kid who looks like The Midget die of some strange-ass disease. No more fucking dead kids on TV shows. None. Nada. Finit. End. I remember the name of every dead kid I ever covered and what killed them. I don’t need to see fake dead kids on TV. Find something better to show. Bring back Studio 60. Show a fucking test pattern. I don’t give a fuck. Just stop showing dead kids on TV while I’m trying to watch the fucking playoffs. (The Missus just said the kid died. Fuck this fucking stupid show.)

Speaking of shit that shouldn’t be on TV… (To be honest, though, this might be the only time I agree with Meghan McCain on anything.)

– I might have gone to my HS reunion if we hadstuff like this… Nah…

– Who says student government is worthless?

See? They met on Craigslist! This never would have happened if we still had newspapers with classified ads!

– Watching the playoffs the other night and heard an announcer say after Chris Andersen blocked a shot that we’ve got to “get beyond the drug suspensions, the weird hair and the tats” and see the guy within. Take a look at this guy. Me? I just hate the fact he’s always got his mouth open like the kid in my morning class who thought Sharon Boyle sang “Baby Got Back” on “Britain’s Got Talent” (or at least that’s what he wrote on his quiz…)

– Speaking of the playoffs, the best subplot that no one’s talking about is if the Lakers and Denver Nuggets end up meeting up to have Kobe back there. Nothing like having an entire crowd of beered-up Nuggets fans chanting, “Hotel Horn-dog!” for at least two home games. And then watching Kobe drop 55 on them and grab his junk on public TV while Kevin Harlan tries to come up with a way to describe all of this in a way that doesn’t lead to an FCC violation.

Thanks for letting me share your air. Be back next week.


4 thoughts on “Quitting Time Booster Shot

  1. Never watched that crap, never will.
    The only TV I watch currently is ROH Pro Wrestling, nothing else until Caprica begins its run.

  2. – See? They met on Craigslist! This never would have happened if we still had newspapers with classified ads!
    This is like a flashback to the days of “The ‘world wide web’ – what you should know to keep your children safe from it”

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