What Would That Be Like?

I can’t imagine:

The Minnesota congresswoman takes to the floor of the House toclaim
that the TSA is going to start picking pro-life, pro-gun conservatives
out of the security line at the airport for extra scrutiny.

Extra scrutiny at the airports? Maybe people will start throwingbricks through the windows of their houses of worship, too. Or dumpingpig’s blood on their doorsteps. Or sendingthreatening letters. Orshooting them at gas stations for the crime of dressing as they damn well please.

Maybe they’lldemand their children be pulled out of school so they don’t have to learn about Christian holidays, or start talking about how theyshouldn’t be allowed to serve in the legislature, not if they’re going to demand to getsworn in on that crazy holy book of theirs.

Maybe they’ll turn on the TV or the radio one day and hear some guy talking about how the government ought tocount up how many of “them” are being born each year, and institute measures to correct those numbers. Maybethey’ll hear talk about how many of their churches and YMCAs there are, and how every one of them poses a danger to society. Maybe they’ll be so angry they’ll want to fight back, but they won’t be able to, because every raised voice is just a confirmation of what others think all along: that they’re dangerous, and should be controlled.

What would that be like? It would be awful, right? It would be unjust. Such behavior would be a sign not only of a government but of a society gone utterly mad with rage and fear. It would be unconscionable. It would be un-American. It would be vengeful. It would be wrong.


10 thoughts on “What Would That Be Like?

  1. Leaving aside how one can be both “pro-life” and “pro-gun”… how would TSA do that? Do they have special glowy thingies that pop up with sparkles as they approach the X-ray machine? Or does the X-ray itself pick up the subcutaneous pro-life, pro-gun dog tags that are implanted at the same time your brain and conscience are surgically removed?
    I don’t suppose it would occur to Bachmann that the only way to pick them out of the security line is for them to do something to justify putting them on a no-fly list. And if TSA gets that wrong now and then, hey, wouldn’t you endure a little extra delay and a cavity search for safety’s sake?
    (Of course, we on this side of the argument might give them at most a healthy eyeroll and a “Seen it.”)

  2. Nicely done. I see that you want to kill civil liberties in the same way you want to kill journalism.

  3. somebody needs to watch the tudors and relive the catholic protestant wars.
    i think maybe obama needs a FEMA camp just for bachman and other Xtian whiners who are upset cause THINGS CHANGED.

  4. But…but…all those links are talking about musselmens! That’s just good national security policy.
    They’re only abusive when you want to do them to us.
    (These people remind me of role-players who randomly kill every non-player character, because “they aren’t real”…except this isn’t an rpg.)

  5. “Maybe they’ll demand their children be pulled out of school so they don’t have to learn about Christian holidays…”
    Actually, I think you got this one backwards in the context of your rhetorical device. Should it be “about non-Christian holidays,” or something like that?
    joejoejoe: Well played, sir! Well played!

  6. We could have a whole May Day Maypole Party – all that Pagan fertility energy drummed up, and distribute condoms! 🙂 Watch the Quiver-fillers’ waterheads explode!!!

  7. Filkertom, look at Michelle Bachman. Are they really that hard to pick out?
    That said, once again A, I love you.

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