John McCain’s First 100 Days

Attempt to imagine:

Asked about his testy relations with Congress during his lone
prime-time press conference (which scored near-record low ratings) in
late February, McCain retrieved one of his musty jokes from mothballs
as he cracked, “To quote Chairman Mao, `It’s always darkest before it’s
totally black.'” The beleaguered McCain congressional relations team
printed up T-shirts, which they still periodically display on trips to
Capitol Hill, with the inscription, “Is it totally black yet?” It is
ironic that McCain, the first president elected directly from the
Senate in 48 years and a legislator known for his willingness to work
with Democrats in the quest for compromise, is well on his way to
becoming the most veto-prone president since Harry Truman, casting 13
during his first 14 weeks in office.


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