‘Our Coddled Lunatic Infotainers’

Glenn Beck wants to feel just like he did on Sept. 12, 2001.

Persecuted, beset on all sides by people telling him he’s an idiot, and unable to dress himself properly.

When you get PWNED by the View, the most superficial of our many superficial celebrity suckfests parading as “news” aimed at bored women in the daytime, it’s pretty much time to hang it up and go to bed.


2 thoughts on “‘Our Coddled Lunatic Infotainers’

  1. Best Political Interviews of the 2008 Presidential Election:
    * Couric and Palin. When Katie is on she can absolutely eviscerate her subject without raising her voice or allowing her smile to falter (remember how she destroyed Quayle?) – I wish she’d do it more.
    * Letterman on McCain. Only time McNasty was asked about his association with convicted terrorist G. Gordon Liddy.
    * The View pounding McCain. They gave him a good grilling.
    Don’t sell The View short. I never watch it because, well, I’m a guy and they target women. But they’re not afraid to wade in to the big issues of the day, and when they do so it’s usually with a lot more substance and less lazy reliance on Village CW than your average cable news outlet.
    By the way, did you notice my list of best interviews in the longest presidential campaign ever with the greatest candidate availability and most press coverage consists of a news anchor, a comedian and a talk show? Maybe all the reporters were exhasuted from covering city council meetings.

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