In Honor of Sonia Sotomayor

My Favorite Supremes List:

Best name ever: Bushrod Washington (runner-up: Felix Frankfurter) (No, there’s not a theme there. Whatever would give you that idea?)

Best Hometown Boy: Byron “Whizzer” White–went to the University of Colorado (Woo!)–I include his nickname because he hated it, and he was the only Democratic appointee to dissent from Roe v. Wade. (the poop)

Best Case Ever: Marbury v. Madison–gotta go with the source of judicial review here, without which the vast majority of other influential cases would never have seen the court at all. Thank you, John Marshall, for helping the Judicial branch grow a pair.

Best Supreme Allusion to It’s A Wonderful Life: Potter Stewart, justice from 1958 to 1981

Best About-Face: Hugo Black (formerly a member of the KKK who became a proponent of desegregation) (also gets honorable mention in the name category for irony)

Best Babyface: Joseph Story, who at age 32 became (and still is) the youngest appointee to the Supremes (that was in 1811). (Little known fact: also the first Supreme to get the swirlie. It was in the Potomac, as flush toilets had not yet been invented.)

Best Web Source on the Supremes:SCOTUSBLOG! It’s one of the most unintentionally silly blog names ever, but dang it’s cool.

Best Use of Latin by Supremes: Stare decisis, meaning to stick with what has been decided. It just always makes me think of my mother giving me the “Don’t even try it, missy!” look.

Here’s hoping Sotomayor is confirmed post-haste so David Souter can spend more time with his family. (What? He has no wife and kids? Then why’s he retiring? David, you can come see me. You can tell me all about how annoying Scalia is…)

6 thoughts on “In Honor of Sonia Sotomayor

  1. Took a gander at the comments over at Malkin’s place, as a snapshot of conservative backlash.
    Because of her much parsed comment that the fact that she’s a woman and a Hispanic MIGHT make some difference in her viewpoint, they of course now think she’s thrown out the constitution and will be waving illegal immigrants across the border and driving them straight to abortion clinics.
    Basically they’re in a frenzy because they want any “differences” in her judging to be based on THEIR culture and gender biases.

  2. Learned Hand is still my favorite justice name.
    “If we are to keep democracy, there must be a commandment: Thou shalt not ration justice”
    To which I can only add FUCK YEAH.

  3. There should be a corollary to that to take into account my brain-spoonerism:
    Thou shalt not ration justice,
    Lest thou rot nation’s justice.

  4. heh. if the rite makes a big stink, gonna make them look bad as SCALITO got in with far too much ease cause his missus CRIED.
    the rite wingers need to GROW A PAIR. and grow up. gotta make up for abu gonzales.

  5. Uh, Athenae, Learned Hand never got past the Appellate Court level, which was where one of *my* favorite judge names can be found, John Minor Wisdom of the 5th Circuit here in NOLA. Great judge too.

  6. Oh, please, don’t make me go the Best Hometown Boy route! Because the only Hometown Boy that I know of to become a Supreme… well, I spent a lot of time at my ex-girlfriend’s house, which, I came to learn, happened to have been the home of William Rehnquist. So, Best and Only, and only because only.

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