6 thoughts on “Blowed Up

  1. “”Those who provoke (North Korea) once will not be able to escape its unimaginable and merciless punishment,” the North’s official news agency said.”
    Of course this same administration also churns out propaganda every year on Kim Jong-il’s birthday about the planets re-aligning and rivers running backward…
    (yeah I’m trivializing a serious situation, I know. I agree it’s scary)

  2. kimmy needs some attention. i tell my cats, might not be the attention you want. sybil does not want to yodel.

  3. And yet, the Bush Cabal was so worried about Iran and nukes (with limited evidence for nukes) but removed N Korea from the Axis of Evil (with clear evidence of building nukes)

  4. Obama could tell them to cut it the fuck out, too, and they wouldn’t listen.
    Which means we need the Chinese to be the good guys here. How did we get to this point, where our standing in the world is so reduced that we have to hope the Chinese can make it happen?
    My son is on a carrier somewhere in that area. He’s supposed to be coming home in a couple of months. So Obama and the Chinese both need to get after it and cool this shit out so he can come home.
    Yeah, this one hits close to home.

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