8 thoughts on “The Internet: Murder By Decree

  1. I’ve got to admit, i’m already a crumudgeon when it comes to keynote speakers. I’m always amazed at the people who are totally agog that you can pay someone to tell you how wonderful you are. (You mean Bill Gates came to see lowly me?)
    Pay big money for a speech from a big name telling you how your profession is so important to the world and will lead it to a greater tomorrow.
    Could this be the academic equivalent of folks sending money into PTL because Jim and Tammy care about them?
    I usually skip them anyway.
    But is the cost of the meeting was $ 200k and they paid $75K for him, doesn’t that mean that they paid, like, almost half of the money for his speech?

  2. I’m baffled that anybody thinks Tommy Friedman is worth 75 cents, let alone 75 grand.
    Did he calculate his fee based on multiplication by Friedman Units?

  3. Whetstone – link took me to a totally unrelated story that was quite interesting. Seems that since sleep deprivation is less objectionable than waterboarding, some folks would like to start using it for interrogations.
    What ethics – let’s see : if bank robbery is less objectionable than murder, then that means that bank robbery is A OK!

  4. when are men mostly gonna learn torture is not good for INTELLIGENCE? there is no ticking time-bomb. or are do they just want to enjoy it?

  5. But intelligent people know that torture is not good for intelligence.
    Its the not intelligent who need to get more intelligence who torture..

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