7 thoughts on “Why Is It Always Underage Erotic Furries?

  1. WTF does someone need to be a child if their features are all going to be hidden by a panda costume?
    Hell, If only he had taken pictures maybe Obama would have helped cover this up!

  2. dr2chase, it’s not even that I’d mind if someone was into erotic furries as a lifestyle, I mean, hey, whatever turns your crank. But with Republicans it’s ALWAYS, always five dudes in a conga line wearing nothing but day-glo lipstick war paint, rabbit ears, and those hooker shoes with goldfish in the heels doing their business in the back of a Greyhound bus. It’s the consistency of the strangoid fetish porn correlation with right-wing voting habits that I notice particularly.

  3. …I guess what has finally disappointed me the most about all this is that it was supposed to be us sexually liberated, with-it, cutting-edge philosophically-related sons and daughters of the original DFH’s who would be exploring the outer edges of the sexuality envelope.We were supposed to be the people your parents warned you about, but it turns out that we can’t hold a candle to the sort of raw depravity that so many of these wingers apparently embrace as a core component of their lives.
    Who knew that I would end up being one of the staid responsible adults tut-tutting about the actions of middle-aged Republican men?

  4. That’s just it, Jack K. When you know that your friends and neighbors wouldn’t blink if you told them you were into bondage fantasies involving Xena, Warrior Princess and a family of meerkats, it kinda takes all the fun out of that.
    Actually, I have a theory. I think that us DFHs are just better at the ordinary, garden-variety sex. I mean, why go for the weird stuff if you’re gettin’ some good lovin’?

  5. I need to travel more. The seven indoor and one outdoors felinoid overlords are not just interfering with my love life, they’re chaperoning it to death.

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