Doing Better

If somebody else did better than me, she must be getting away with something.

You know, I really think the world of punditry would be a better place if some of these people could just admit that seeing someone wildly successful makes them feel like lazy fuckers. Seriously, just sack up and admit that you sat there, Derbyshire, watching Sonia Sotomayor thinking, “Damn, she had to go through all that and she ended up being fecking brilliant, meanwhile my only disadvantage in life is to have the name of a Dickens villain and I did absolutely jack shit with what I was given.”

We’ve all been there, dude, we’ve all had those moments of, “Man, I am SUCH a slacker.” I have them every day. It’s just most of us don’t use those moments as an excuse to turn the other person into some kind of affirmative-action socially promoted charity case in order to make ourselves feel better. A healthier response might be to think to yourself, “Hmm, if this other person’s life is making me feel insecure about mine, maybe I ought to work a little harder on the things I want to accomplish,” instead of making it out to be that you’re still not king because nobody established a “conservative choad assistance fund” at your school.


4 thoughts on “Doing Better

  1. As Jello Biafra put it, ‘O whoa ho poor pitiful me, born white in the world’s richest country.’

  2. This is the very reason my neuroscientist brother-in-law, born poor and Hispanic in the slums of Bridgeport CT, and stuck with a completely atrophied right leg due to polio since the age of 2, has never put his race or disability on any job, academic or grant application: because some dumbass like Derbyshire would call him an affirmative action charity case. J. lives in the South and despite his Ph.D., accomplishments and NIH grants has to put up with pimply high school drop-outs refusing to take his checks at the Food Lion. Yeah, Sotomayor is the one who’s the racist. Sure.
    Just more GOP pot/kettle bullshit.

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