Kip’s Another One

Dear Jeffrey Goldberg,

Welcome to the Internet.This is known as concern trolling:

The attacks in Arkansas and Washington are both manifestations of a
radical type of intolerance, and they are linked in very deep ways. The
left, generally speaking, doesn’t want to acknowledge Muslim
intolerance, and the right, generally speaking, doesn’t want to
acknowledge white, Christian intolerance. But they both exist, and they
should both be acknowledged.

First of all, not going batshit crazy does not equal refusing to acknowledge intolerance. It’s liberal groups like Amnesty International, after all, who’ve been on about human rights violations in totalitarian regimes for years, but I suppose that just means Teh Left is full of pussies. If we REALLY acknowledged Muslim intolerance we’d get behind blowing some Muslims up, instead of writing letters and making phone calls and trying to actually improve conditions for the desperate and impoverished. After all, Iraq is a monument to tolerance today, thanks to our glorious intervention. Jesus bugfuck Elvis CHRIST.

Second, I so hate this fucking nonsense, you guys. Like you can’t look at the Tiller murder and the Arkansas murders and the Washington murder and conclude, “Basically the world is burning down, which, WTF? and shut up, Hannity.” and leave it at that. In Goldberg’s world, I guess you have to Sister Souljah somebody before you earn your street cred, but out here we just talk about the stuff we care about without worrying that it doesn’t rack up Conservative Points that we can redeem for a little plastic frog at the skeeball ticket counter.

Third, the right is perfectly happy to acknowledge Christian intolerance. They call it their base.


6 thoughts on “Kip’s Another One

  1. I hate “Sister Souljah” references because they are always wrong (kind of like the way no one uses “prodigal” properly – profligate, not wandering – in context. I blame Jesus for that).
    Bill Clinton did not take on a significant part of his base by his Sister Souljah remarks, he just verbally slapped around a rapper no one had ever heard of and hasn’t been heard of since in case you hadn’t noticed. It was a punk ass bit of bullying on his part, not a courageous stand in the face of stiff opposition. If Clinton had any balls he’d have gone after a rapper with aninflammatory message thateveryone was talking about. But Ice-T would have kicked his sorry Bubba ass for it, so better to pick on someone smaller.
    It sets my teeth on edge every time I hear someone mention a “Sister Souljah” moment. Thanks a lot, Bill. Another fucked up meme to deal with.

  2. And on another topicsee here:

    I think we all remember how the networks would pull away from programming for hours to cover international crises as they unfolded. There’s clearly an attitude of indifference this time around, but that is as much budgetary as it is cynical. Television simply cannot cover the story anymore.

    I know newspaper fail is your beat but it’s still a good perspective on the troubles afflicting esablished media outlets.

  3. One of the reasons this kind of blather is so annoying is that no one on the left is doing more than acknowledging the right of intolerant authoritarian assholes in other countries to have their own opinions and speak them. (And sometimes much less — we simply point out how expensive and counterproductive it would be to try and shut them up.) But people on the right are paying their intolerant authoritarian assholes tens of millions of dollars a year to speak…

  4. You don’t need to go to Goldberg to find this kind of crap. On “Talk of the Nation” this morning, the two moderately “opposing” views were presented by columnist Kathleen Parker and Jamie Kirchick of “The New Republic,” the latter of whom went on to make the assertion that the bulk of anti-Semitic sentiment in the US today (corresponding with von Brunn’s) was on the left, and in a response to a caller who pointed out that the Muslim shooter in Arkansas was a conservative, said that it was the left who shared the shooter’s “anti-American” views.

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