This is How It’s Supposed to Work

New and old media on Iran:

The screenshots tell a tale more nuanced than the provocative “new media beats old media” narrative. Rather, they show that whileTwitter (Twitter), Flickr (Flickr), YouTube (YouTube)
and other social media sites are both a source of unfiltered
information and a venue for public discussion, we still look to CNN,
the BBC and their ilk to add context and meaning to this flood of data.
And when they fail us, we demand more of them.

This is actually an example, not of the Internet killing journalism, but of people using the Internet’s tools and traditional media working out to create a picture. You know, I go nuts every time somebody opines that new technology makes us lazy because if anything I think it makes us work twice as hard for our info. Instead of me sitting back and opening the paper and trusting that it’s going to give me all the info I could ever need on Iran, I now read the paper, surf around the blogs, check actual Tehran-area Twitter feeds, look at Flickr photos, and watch the BBC America newscast on cable, all in order to attempt to understand what the unholy blue fuck is going on over there.

A lot of people probably resent that, and wish the newspaper was all they needed, or that they could learn everything they needed to know from the local news. A lot of people probably think they can learn everything they need to know from the local news, which in Chicago particularly scares the living shit out of me. Granted, it can seem sometimes like there’s too much to keep up with, but on balance, I’d much rather too much information than too little.

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2 thoughts on “This is How It’s Supposed to Work

  1. Its the media moguls making decisions on programming (admittedly, paying attention to where they can get the most money which goes back to how many of the sheeple watch what).
    Sports events – must cover the full event.
    Sports postgames – must receive the full alloted time (moving aside any and all other programming) no matter how far “over” the event went.
    News – moved aside by sports events. Time shortened to make up the time lost when sports events run over.
    News – also moved aside for reruns of Welcome Back Kotter.

  2. The right wing radio people count on their listeners not wanting to bother. They make it a point that they do the work for you. You can trust them. After all they talk to experts! They have the VP as a guest! They talk to 3 star Generals (paid by the Pentagon, but still, Generals!)
    They prey on the nature of people to pick a source they trust.

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