Someone Please Take the Internet Away From Him

Jesus, Grassley:

The Senate’s most notorious tweeter, Chuck Grassley, stood by a
recent post he made in which he harshly rebuked Barack Obama. The Iowa
Republican argued on Sunday that it was the president who had taken the
“cheap shot” at him and his congressional colleagues.

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Grassley was asked to explain why hewhacked Obama in a tweet during the president’s recent trip to Paris.

“Pres Obama while u sightseeing in Paris u said ‘time to delivr on
healthcare’ When you are a ‘hammer’ u think evrything is NAIL I’m no
NAIL,” read Grassley’s post.

Was that, host Chris Wallace wanted to know, “senatorial?”

“Very senatorial,” replied Grassley. “Because you know why? We’ve
had dialogue with this president since January 20 on a program to get a
bill to the floor for July. And we’re still on that timetable. And the
president, to say that we ought to deliver it, made it look like
Congress wasn’t working, the very weekend that we were working Saturday
and Sunday in Washington to keep on schedule while he was sightseeing.
He didn’t need to say that. It didn’t contribute to it. It was a cheap

You know, every time I hear that we need greater measures to protect children online, I think we also need the same protections for folks at the other end of the age spectrum. For every dumbass 15-year-old who posts sexy photos on her MySpace there’s some older adult dipshit who gets a new toy and blows his hand off with it. A lot of the truly spectacular Internet fail lately has come from supposed grown-ups.


7 thoughts on “Someone Please Take the Internet Away From Him

  1. Is spelling or grammar senatorial? Just curious… Y’know, you get 140 characters, which is more than enough to spell some things right. You also do realize you can break your idiotic thought into TWO tweets, right?
    And for those of you anal-retentive folks out there, the AP style guide has just updated. Twitter is capital T but tweet as a noun or a verb is lowercase. No one is sure about Tweeple…

  2. athenae, I’m old enough to remember when television was going to change our lives with the high grade content and instruction it would make available worldwide.
    What I would really like to see on youtube is a Proctologist removing Mr Grasslye’s twitter from Mr. Grassley’s ass. Entertaining and educational which youtube needs more of.

  3. Grassley is my Senator – and MY ASS if he’s really Twittering. Especially with the texting pidgin. That man doesn’t touch a keyboard.
    Maybe he’s dictating his tweets . .

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