“And I Can Act Like An Imbecile…”

Okay, so the other day, this story was on Kos:

Steele told the audience that “no one knows what the hell it means” when the GOP refers to itself as a “big tent.” So he offered another analogy: The GOP is a hat. Some people wear a hat frontwards, others cocked to the left, he explained. Some wear it backwards, he added, echoing a past statement, “because that’s how they roll.” But “the strength of the party is in this: … the fact that you’re willing to put the damn thing on… The problem we’ve had as a party is: too many of our friends, neighbors, colleagues are taking the hat off, because we’ve decided we don’t like the way they wear it… The GOP is not about how you wear the hat, but the fact that you want to wear the hat.”

Julia SugarbakerI was reminded of one of my favorite quotes from a classic show, Designing Women. I spent the weekend trying to find the clip on YouTube, to no avail, so you’ll have to settle for just the quote:

“I believe that you will find as years go by, and you get older and wiser, traversing life’s little ups and downs, thatunderwear probably really doesn’t make all that good of a hat.”

–Julia Sugarbaker (my emphasis)

Michael Steele: The gift that keeps on giving.

For those who need the title fix.

9 thoughts on ““And I Can Act Like An Imbecile…”

  1. If you add the prefix “ass-” every time Steele goes into his hat analogy he suddenly makes an awful lot of sense.

  2. That’s the second time this week I’ve read something where someone invoked Julia Sugarbaker.

  3. Heh, indeedy. How could you go wrong with Julia? She is eminently quotable.
    (She’s been on my mind–I bought my mom the first season DVDs for her birthday)

  4. A, the first season DVD was released about two weeks ago, and some blogger guy at NPR did a post about writing your own Julia rant. Between the two, most of Left Blogistan got a booster shot of DW love.
    Tho I probably would’ve used the underwear quote anyway. It’s not often I get to use that one, and it’s priceless.

  5. Hell, the whole reason I chose Interior Design as my major was because I wanted to be a (slightly more intelligent) Suzanne Sugarbaker. (well, and I could transfer some of my architectural classes from A&M) Delta’s Suzanne cracked me up – the baby wig episode…!!! And just thinking of some of Charlene’s quips… Oh, my…LOL!!!

  6. Elspeth, I *am* Mary Jo. I always wanted to be Julia, but I’m just not that articulate when I’m pissed off. But my favorite line of all time was Suzanne’s, in reference to sex: “I mean, what are we talkin’ about here, ten minutes? I mean, it just doesn’t compare to having somebody put a crown on your head or shopping!”

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