The Juggernaut Rides Again

Funnyjoke at the end.

Actress Laura Dern wore a cowboy hat, boots, a super-tight blue T-shirt, equally tight jeans, brunette wig and plenty of makeup as she rode a horse through downtown Monday afternoon. The character she was portraying was immediately recognizable: Katherine Harris..

The blond “Jurassic Park” star is part of the cast of the HBO movie “Recount” being filmed in the capital seven years after the election that for five weeks left the world wondering who would take over the White House.

Harris was the secretary of state who certified President Bush’s 537-vote victory. The Longboat Key Republican was also the butt of many makeup jokes on late night talk shows.

“It looked like her,” lobbyist Trey Price, who was a political consultant summoned to Tallahassee during the recount, said as Dern passed by on a saddle.

“With makeup, anybody looks like Katherine,” quipped state Rep. Ron Saunders, D-Key West.

Harris did not return an e-mail seeking comment.

Laura Dern as Katherine Harris.

Katherine Harris as Katherine Harris.

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  1. The t-shirt Laura Dern was wearing, despite being described as “super-tight,” is nowhere near as tight as the t-shirt Katherine Harris was wearing…
    Why’d they put her on a completely different-coloured horse? It’s not as though chestnut horses are particularly rare or anything.

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