Today on Tommy T’s Obsession With The Freeperati – Turncoats and Traitors edition

Hi gang – before we suit up and crack the airlock door, I have to advise you that Levi “Hockey” Johnson (or an amazing facsimile) now has his own column at Something Awful.They’re doing a pretty good job of channeling the Swain Of Wasilla, I think. Take a look, if you dare.

All right! I’ve asked Doc to bring some extra blowers online, as this week’s Obsession features Freepers getting theDolchstosslegende treatment from people they once fawned over and rolled over for in the vain hope of getting their collective bellies scratched.

First up – I’ll give 8 to 5 on the muzzies!

div class=”blockquote” style=”margin-left: 40px;”>A gunman entered the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and opened fire, according to reports. ^

| 6/10/09

Posted on06/10/2009 10:33:58 AM PDT byKeyLargo
WASHINGTON, D.C. – A gunman entered the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and opened fire, according to reports.
Fox News and CNN are reporting a man walked into the museum and shot at a security guard.
A second security guard returned fire on the gunman.
Fox News is reporting a law enforcement official as saying two people have been shot.

Freepers are, of course, well-known for their insightful analysis and powers of deduction:

To: KeyLargo
Religion of peace?

posted on06/10/2009 10:34:44 AM PDT
byDa Coyote

To: Da Coyote
I’ll give 8 to 5 on the muzzies.

posted on06/10/2009 10:35:30 AM PDT
(In all things, in all ways, at all times, let honor guide me.)

To: KeyLargo
I bet Muslim.
How long before he gets pardoned?

posted on06/10/2009 10:35:59 AM PDT

To: KeyLargo
The longer it takes for them to give a description of the perp, the more likely a muzzie.

posted on06/10/2009 10:36:55 AM PDT
(I love defenseless animals, especially in a good gravy.)

To: b4its2late
I suspect that if the shooter was a
middle-aged white guy
, this information would have been provided in the
very first press report on incident.

posted on06/10/2009 10:45:23 AM PDT

And then…Jew-hating “muzzie” turns out to be bitter white guy!!!!‏

Police: At least 2 shot inside Holocaust Museum

AP ^

| 6/10/2009

Posted onWednesday, June 10, 2009 1:24:47 PM byTomOnTheRun
Authorities say at least two people have been shot at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. —
Update: Tapper & MSNBC are reporting that name of susupect is James Von Brunn, a white supremacist, born 1920.

Cue the furious backpedaling!

To: TomOnTheRun
Seems awfully early to be releasing a suspect’s name.

posted onWednesday, June 10, 2009 1:26:03 PM
(qwerty ergo typo : i type, therefore i misspelll)

To: TomOnTheRun
“James Von Brunn, a white supremacist”
Wow, they sure are fast with a name and motive when its not a Muslim killing American.

posted onWednesday, June 10, 2009 1:26:14 PM
(For every clinic bombed or burned, 17 to 18 churches are burned down. MSM? MSM?)

Almost as fast as Freepers moved in that last thread, no?

To: TomOnTheRun
thought for sure it’d be a Muslim.

posted onWednesday, June 10, 2009 1:27:00 PM

Hey – maybe he’ll convert in prison?

To: TomOnTheRun
oh crap. why don’t these old Democrat white
supremacists (like the Democrats who tried to keep Conservative
Republican James Meredith out of Ole Miss, or murdered those three
civil rights workers near Meridian) just go away?

posted onWednesday, June 10, 2009 1:27:38 PM

Um – they did go away.And good riddance.

To: TomOnTheRun
WOW my apologizes. I thought it was a Muslin for sure..An 89 year old man, wow I didn’t see that one coming

posted onWednesday, June 10, 2009 1:30:19 PM
bySarah Barracuda

What a concidence – neither did the guard he killed.

Well, let’s leave the Freeperati to start blaming shooting up places on Dems rather than crazy bitter old white anti-goverment people with guns – there’s a plethora of perfidy after the