Quitting Time Booster Shot

Welcome to the travel version of the Booster where we’ll ponder the mysteries of almost missed flights and how it is possible to freeze to death and boil to death a single flight:

– Almost found out the hard way that there is a difference between a 9 a.m. flight where you should be at the airport 90 minutes before take off and a 7:30 a.m. flight. It helps to check the itinerary before you fly. Just saying…

– I know the airlines don’t need any ideas on how to squeeze me for another 10 bucks, but here’s a marketing campaign that would clearly bring in a boatload of cash: kid-free seats. You pay an additional $10 or $25 or whatever and the airline guarantees you won’t have a kid screaming across the aisle from you or a kid behind you kicking your seat. After a flight today in which I had both, I’d gladly pay for this service. Maybe we put the kids in the cargo hold. I don’t know. Even as a parent, it’s hard to tolerate this crap.

– Also, can we please have a standard temperature for travel? The airport was -12, the plane was 89, the waiting area for the shuttle was 80, the shuttle was -138. I’m not a gecko. I can’t change my body temp. Pick a temperature.

– From the “You think so, Doctor?” File: Bruce Murphy is backing off of his full-throated defense of Jessica McBride. Yeah, that whole “due diligence” thing you accused Bice of not doing? Tends to cut both ways…

– The reporter who was accused of fabricating sources in a boatload of his stories for the Hawaii student newspaperhas fired back today, arguing he in no way made up anything. Look, kid, stop trying to deny that you made up quotes. Do the honorable, tried-and-true thing: blame it on someone else, come out with a book and hit the rubber chicken circuit where you can claim all sorts of bias and stuff.

– From the “When you’re right, you’re right” Department: TMZ broke the Michael Jackson story, beating the crap out of everyone fair and square. In watching some of the coverage evolve and listening to the post-game analysis by the local radio guys today, it was clear not everyone enjoyed that moment. In fact, people seemed to be APOLOGIZING for having to CITE TMZ. Of course, the most reputable news organizations didn’t, simply failing to give any kind of credit. You stay classy… You know who you are…

– Let them eat cake. Or dead tree…

– And finally, if you’ve been having trouble with this whole “gays want to marry” thing, here’s a handy little diagram that just explains everything about the gay marriage pro and con arguments.

Thanks for letting me share your air. Be back next week.


3 thoughts on “Quitting Time Booster Shot

  1. I’d totally pay for a kid-free seat, especially so I wouldn’t have a kid behind me kicking the seat. I had one of those one time and the parent wouldn’t stop the kid from kicking. I so wanted to throw the parent out of the plane. The kid I’d have just moved, the parent had to GO.

  2. The parent allowing a kid to kick should be shot. An infant crying – not to much you can do if air pressure causes the not yet fully developed Eustachian tube to build up pressure. Parents should know to have a bottle ready to try to relieve pain, but that does not always work. Wife and I thought we were the best ever at keeping the kids quiet on the plane until one horrible flight back from Pheonix. Man did we get a lot of dirty looks and we were doing everything possible to try to stop the two kids from screaming.
    After that experience I stopped thinking other parents were ignorant and wear earplugs or noise reducing headphones.

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