On Tuesday:

BAGHDAD –Iraqi security forces
bolstered checkpoints and banned motorcycles from the streets of
Baghdad as they prepared Sunday for more violence before this week’s
withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from the capital and other cities and

Despite the increased checks, a roadside bomb targeting a U.S. convoy in easternBaghdad wounded six bystanders. It was unclear if anyone in the convoy was injured, police said.

A car bomb also exploded in the parking lot of a police academy in western Baghdad, killing onepolice officer and wounding six others, police said, speaking on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to speak to the media.

Iraq’s main Sunni political bloc joinedShiitePrime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in describing the June 30 deadline for the U.S. withdrawal fromurban areas as a turning point for the country.

Al-Maliki’s government has declared Tuesday National Sovereignty Day and decreed a public holiday.


4 thoughts on “Leaving

  1. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed until Wednesday. I keep expecting to read that Obama decided to put off the partial withdrawal. Then, even if this goes thru as scheduledd, we still have months of white knuckle time waiting for Obama to finalize the complete withdrawal. I’m sure he will do that. Aren’t i??

  2. Thank goodness that 4318 soldiers have been killed, and over 32,000 wounded in our crusade to make Iraq safe for Shi’ia death squads.
    Heckuva job, Dubya. Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi is tickled pink.

  3. Dumb Question: How come I haven’t heard anything about the pull out from the MSM?
    Kind of seems like this would be a big deal.

  4. I need to take the above statement back. Finally the 5:30 network news had a story saying we were leaving and actually making it out a day early.

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