5 thoughts on “Remember the New Serious Journalism? `

  1. You have to wonder if any other child molesting, mentally unhinged guy would get this much attention just by dying from an apparent overdose. I suppose if he could sing and dance he might.

  2. But what brand aftershave did he use on that last day?
    As Jackson was a leading cultural icon spanning decades, I can easily understand that specials in the next few days are appropriate to help people join together in a communual grief.
    What I absolutely can’t understand was the 24-hour coverage where MSNBC (and I assume the other stations) gutted their news to sit there and show continuous pictures of people standing outside the hospital.
    ON the day he died, all they could possibly say was that he was pronounced dead / cardiac arrest / and an autopsy would be done the next day. They could then go back to their regular programming – if anything happened, they could interrupt their programming. The LA?Coroner? held the world’s shortest news conference to state the obvious (we’re looking at it).
    The first night, all they could say was “stopped heart”. The gross autopsy the next day could possibly provide some information. It will take a few more days to get back any histo and any tox screens.
    So why the 24/7 coverage on par with 9/11????

  3. Can you imagine the coverage they will have when Reagan dies? The wingnuts will stop the world. Eventually they will stop talking about him as if he is a god, but it will probably take a few months.
    What? You mean he’s DEAD? But they talk about him as if he’s alive! Man, talk about living in the past! Next think you know they are going to be lying and say he cut taxes instead of raised them 7 out of his 8 years.

  4. i hears ronny raygun only CUT taxes. only congress raised them. the DEMOCRATIC congress(which made reagan look better).

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