6 thoughts on “I couldn’t watch to the end…

  1. So, she wants to go play mommy and by her absence help ‘shrink’ big gov’t? Yeah…right…I do hope somehting nasty is about to burst on the scene about her.

  2. Wow! I saw Elspeth’s comment a few minutes ago and thought it was some joke I didn’t understand.
    Now I’m wondering why this doesn’t make it look like Palin takes her responsibility to her Sworn duty so lightly that the drops them when it becomes inconvenient.
    Not to mention, she actually thinks she has the skills to be a good president???????????
    And this on the day after the release of some very inconvenient emails where she shows a real big problem with playing well with others and also with following a well-thought out stragety?

  3. Her near hysterical speech, with the breathing problems, indicates to me that she learned that the posse is on its way. So, she ducks out the back door, heading out to hike the Appalachian Trail, soon to be renamed the Republican Walk. In any case, good riddance.

  4. Ooh Hoppy – srsly? I have been staying away from news coverage other than what I see in passing as I flip to FoodNetwork or TCM in order to miss the incessant pondering about Michael Jackson’s last moments…(then I can’t beeyatch about how that’s all there is on tele, ’cause I wasn’t watching it).
    (okay, I forgot to add “TNT” – they are showing my new fave show in reruns “Bones”…)
    I may have to start watching the news again…oh, wait – like they are going to show bad stuff about one of their own – unless she was smitten with the same Argentine chica that Sanford was poking.

  5. Since this is the Internets we can post rumors, however they are obtained. The rumor now is that an indictment is on its way, related to embezzlement regarding the Wasila house and the unnecessarily elaborate “sports center”. This rings true because her attitude, her near hysteria, the rushed press conference, and the inability to say why she was quitting, all point to something like this. And, if you recall, that is a very expensive house she has, obtained at a time when she and Todd were anything but wealthy. (As I recall)

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