OK, I Feel Better Now

Abu Gexplains:

“There obviously remains some confusion about my involvement in this,” Gonzales said Friday. “At the end of the day, I know what I did. And I know that the motivations for the decisions I made were not based on improper reasons.”

5 thoughts on “OK, I Feel Better Now

  1. YouFascinateMe says:

    He still doesn’t get that his serial lying spree is just as bad as all the improper motives that he says he didn’t have. Now if only they can find some proper motives. Any day now.

  2. Nora says:

    I’m glad that at the end of the day he knows what he did. Now he could just share that with the rest of us, so that we can all know what he did.

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  4. WPE hits it on the head; the definition of “improper” is important here. it’s always “we didn’t do anything wrong; just ask us!”

  5. WPE says:

    Sure, if you get to define what “improper” is, which almost nothing is to the ready, fire, aim Bush Clown College.

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