10 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. If I could, it’d be summer in Wisconsin, winter in New Orleans. Fuck boiling AND freezing.

  2. Oh, glorious winter! Freezing chill of north wind, the peaceful silence of a dark night with snowflakes falling upon a blanket of perfect whiteness, the buzz and sting of summer’s insect pests wiped away in the fatal frigid judgment of December’s solstice. Sleds and skis and skates upon frozen ponds, mittens caked with ice, opaque puffs of breath from within the shelter of a downy parka. Mr. Frost, my winter muse, grant me many more miles to go before I sleep, but let it be in winter, let it be in winter.

  3. We just returned from a 3 week cross country road trip fom the mid-west to the Pacific ocean. In all that time it rained one day (Olympic National Park) and was above 80 one day (Las Vegas). Montana, Nebraska, Utah, Oregon, North Dakota were all sunny, low humidity, and just warm enough. Somehow we got into the right weather pattern and missed all the heat and humidity.
    Beautiful country everywhere and really nice people all along the way.
    I do dread the dog days of July and August, but for 3 weeks things couln’t have been better, especially since we were camping with our tent.

  4. freeze. if it’s hot you can only get to naked. and dry heat? oh, so it’s an electric oven instead of gas.

  5. Winters are much better when it is 100+F outside. And, summers are much better when it is 10F outside. A case of the greenest grass being just beyond my reach across the fence.

  6. I dread winter these days–even Loosiana winters, i.e., I’m a certified cold wimp…my decade in Wisconsin probably played a big role in shaping my attitude
    Oh, I tried to stay active during the cold months (emphasis on “months”)–went sledding and skiing, bicycled until I took a nasty spill on snow/ice…and marveled at how “warm” 28 degrees F felt after a week or more below zero. Sometimes it felt like it took the whole Wisconsin summer, beautiful as it was, before I fully thawed out.
    These days, though, I don’t ever complain about the heat. Not even during the past couple of weeks, when the weather’s been a mix of blast furnace and steam bath…

  7. been there done that.I’ve done winters in Wi.,Mn.,Ma.,and Mt.That’s why I’m in Hawaii. The low is 50 and the high is 94:ever

  8. Winter, hands down. And that’s in spite of my affliction with seasonal affective disorder.
    Though if I could live in early October perpetually, I think I’d kinda like that best.

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