22 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Don’t have any, and am not into pain. If I really really wanted anything that permanent on me, though, I’d go for a beautiful Venus de Milo I saw on the shoulder blade of a glass instructor I once knew.

  2. One. Never regretted it. As I get older, I appreciate it more not less.

  3. Three! πŸ™‚ And I want more. I got the first on 8 years ago when I was 34 (I waited until I knew what I wanted and that it was something I would enjoy having the rest of my life). It is on my lower back, a black line-work, kind of calligraphic and has a “W” worked into the base of the curve (yeah it came off of the flash wall – but I have yet to see anyone else w/it). The next one is on my ankle, a heart w/crown (but not a claddagh) – treated myself to it for Valentine’s Day to remind myself that love rules. My third is on my right shoulder blade – a Mardi-Gras colored Fleur de Lis! πŸ™‚ It’s purrrrrrty! I want more, but I want to work it all in to a cohesive back piece.

  4. Wow. Elspeth and Virgotex you are so hip!
    None for me. Don’t want. If I did do something it would be a joke one or one you could wiggle your arm and make the hulu girl dance. Also I would go for multiple colors reds especially. I just like the way they look.

  5. Somehow, I made it through 6 years of active duty without getting a single one. At this point, I just can’t think of anything I’d want. I’m not opposed to them, though.

  6. Have four. Want more. Each one is a response to a life event, beginning with Hurricane Katrina.

  7. I have three. Of course they are just tiny dots, placed to aid in aiming a beam of radiation. I don’t usually show them off, but if enough popular demand develops I will consider it.

  8. No ink, no piercings. I remain free to become someone new when I choose.

  9. Thankfully, I studied way too much physics and knew that there was no way my skin was gonna stay in the same place for the next ‘n’ years – otherwise that cool little circle thing around my upper arm that I contemplated would now be a hula hoop.

  10. The only tattoos I want involve bagpipes. Nevertheless, I like seeing creative ink ones on others.

  11. Naw, but with every passing doctor visit the idea of a DNR tat gets more appealing…

  12. none. can’t change them like earrings. and age is not good. tho a liitle bug on my foot…no. the trend is over.

  13. Nah.
    I don’t put anything on that I can’t take off.
    Every time I get the urge, I look at my Nehru jacket in the back of the closet and reconsider.

  14. Three, and probably two left in the future. Definitely personal markings of personal passage, and definitely not subject to anyone else’s approval.

  15. A small blackbelt on my left hip just above a 7″ scar, the remnant of 3 surgeries due to being born with no hip socket on that side. With all of the surgical scars on my legs (30 total), I wanted to mark myself with something positive, and getting my BB in tae kwon do in 2007 was enormous for me. So the tattoo has my blackbelt, the name of my school in Korean, and the date I was invited to test for the belt.
    The tattoo also serves as a motivator, because once you stop practicing tae wkon do, you lose the right to your blackbelt. The tattoo keeps me from getting lazy just because I’ve reached this first small goal. (In tae kwon do, once you achieve your black belt you go back to the beginning to perfect your technique.)

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