It’s So Rude to Care


Amazingly, a caller asked Shepard about the advent of blogs and how
it has diversified commentary, and in replying, Shepard put on her most
condescending and self-glorifying voice to say this:

think, um, we’re now at a stage where the debate is between dialogue
and diatribe, and I wish there was more dialogue. I think there’s more

That’s from the same person who refuses to “dialogue” about her views outside of NPR-affiliated confines.

Well, and also, wouldn’t it all be better if we just didn’t raise our voices so much? I agree that what you call a thing matters, I just don’t believe for a minute that torture isn’t torture if you lower your voice. I’m sorry it upsets some people that here on the Internets we say fuck, and treason, and talk about the most apt karmic bitchslap for those who ran this country for the past eight years. But I’m also sorry about ALL THE DEAD PEOPLE, and somehow that never spurs a discussion about how uncouth it is to fuck up two wars and let a city drown and turn America into an international punchline.


5 thoughts on “It’s So Rude to Care

  1. Since I’ve once again been remindedof this I’ve added it to the Blog Post Hall of Fame at my site. It has an enduring truth that seems to be relevant over and over again, a flower of truth that blooms anew every time a stupid asshole fuckface like Alica Shepard refuses to address the indecency she is rationalizing by asserting how the uncivility of her critics offends her delicate sensiblities.

  2. If there were any justice in this universe, media enablers of torture such as Shepard would have to pick their way through a carpet of dead, stinking, horribly mutilated and fly-blown corpses to get to their own front door.
    But it’s just awful that people say mean things.

  3. Quit listening to NPR the first time they rab a pro war propaganda show in the early 70s. Waste of good tax dollars.
    Elevator music because radio is pure shit except for them
    Take with a grain of salt. I’m nuts. 10 years ago I kicked my radio through the dashboard after listening to a progressive rock station give me a three or four minute spiel about contemporary, up to date, the newest, then they played the Clash’s Rock the Casbah, not one of their better songs and 18 to 20 years old.
    There are some really good internet radio stations running out of Asia right now, but run all possible guards, they’ll take over your computer. I use a freeze program, burn to CD then check with two anti virus programs before I play them on a CD player, but they are good.

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