‘Pimp On, Madam’

Katharine Weymouth apologizes for making the price tag so big and shiny:

We have canceled the planned dinner. While I do believe there is a
legitimate way to hold such events, to the extent that we hold events
in the future, large or small, we will review the guidelines for them
with The Post’s top editors and make sure those guidelines are strictly
followed. Further, any conferences or similar events The Post sponsors
will be on the record.

The commenters aren’t buying it:

Trust is not at all like baseball; You only get one strike.

Your ombudsman referred to this incident a “PR disaster”. I wonder what he would consider a real disaster.

Promote Dan Froomkin to Editor-in-Chief and maybe I’ll re-subscribe some day.


6 thoughts on “‘Pimp On, Madam’

  1. Wonder if her grandmother’s ghost visited her in the night and said “What the Fuck are you doing with my paper, bitch?!”

  2. To me, the fact they apparently tried doing this, got caught, and then issuing a namby-pamby explanation hurts their credibility even further.
    Is their opinion of the public so low that they think we’re that stupid?

  3. Everybody does it, we’re going to keep doing it, but next time we won’t tell you little people about it and just trust us it will all be above board and the company sponsoring it gets nothing which is why they sponsor it.

  4. We need a strict environmental law against waste of trees, enforceable enough to shut down this waste of good trees.
    Re: Saintly Katherine Graham. Pat Nixon called her a “yid” in Richard Nixon’s first term. The only reason that Watergate happened was Graham hated Pat. PS, yes she was a jew. In her autobiography she mentions her good jewish friend Dr Kissinger at least 500 times and never mentions that he is one of the greatest war criminals of the late 20th century.
    PPS. Graham’s father bought the Post to blackmail senators and congressmen into doing what he thought was right. Still hated in the copper towns of Utah. Helped frame Joe Hill for murder for trying to organize “his” workers.
    PPPS, his father was run out of Los Angeles for helping to steal control of the city’s water supply. Briefly mentioned in the movie Chinatown.
    So, Katherine is a true american capitalist. Not human, just capitalist.
    The only one in the family worth not taking out and shooting is Tina Weymouth, her aunt and bassist with Talking Heads.

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