4 thoughts on “Not To Go All Goodwin’s Law, but…

  1. “we keep marrying other species and other ethnics …”
    So I can finally marry a tiger? I think that would be soooooo cooooool !
    But as a poll, how many people are married to other species and how did they do it under the DOMA?

  2. Seriously, I do have to comment on Finns marry other Finns…a pure society.
    Doesn’t fit the historical facts. Finland was first under the Swedish empire then under the Tsars of Russia. Their history has significant mixing from both the east and the west.

  3. I’m going to marry a Tyrannosaur. Like Jesus intended.
    Even giving this guy the benefit of the doubt, you could then make the argument that too much inbreeding causes inherent genetic weaknesses that add to health care costs in the long run, so even if he was in some clumsy way technically correct (which MapleStreet points out is FAIL) his argument still wouldn’t work.
    Fux News: Even if you hold it sideways and squint, we’re still stupid.

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