5 thoughts on “Kickass Democrat Video: MURPHY EDITION YOU GUYS

  1. yeah, he was on Maddow last night. He’s obviously QBinb/carrying water for Obama, but he’s doing it very well.

  2. Hey, I hit a homobigot woman in a bar with a mug, lifted her head up and explained why, then I hit her again.
    Does that make me a bad person? Gee, I feel terrible.
    Check Eugene OR Register Guard for a story about a riot in a loggers bar in Springfield in about 1984. It is not safe to call a man “queer” in my hearing either.

  3. my uncle can do a very good ‘black voice’ and a good ‘gay voice’ and others + is quite funny, and if a bigot goes on, he’ll whip out the gay or say he’s married to a black woman. he likes making people squim when they should.

  4. Good on the Murphy.
    This is just one of the things that the Obama administration has, so far, failed to do.
    Good on you, evil is evil.

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