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Um. I don’t usually do conventions but ADAMA and TIGH. I’M SO THERE.What better way for a girl to spend her wedding anniversary?

(True story: Mr. A and I were pretty broke when we got married — back then we thought that would be a temporary state, hah! — and so we put off a honeymoon trip until we could save up to go somewhere really cool. Our “honeymoon” thus was the weekend after our wedding, during which we watched the Packer game in the bridal suite, ordered pizza, and went to Gen Con. It was like the dream honeymoon of a 14-year-old boy.)


4 thoughts on “Entirely at Random Galactica Post

  1. Oh baby – you went to Gen Con!? When time travel is invented my first destination will be a pilgrimage to MECCA, circa 1985. Always wanted to go, never made it. [Sigh]

  2. It was like the dream honeymoon of a 14-year-old boy.
    Only if Princess Leia’s slave-dancer outfit was involved.
    Just sayin’.

  3. Sounds like my honeymoon – we got married in Menominee Falls, drove to Milwaukee, & toured the breweries. Yes, at that time they were still there with the really dark wooded on-site taverns where you could get their beer for free. That was good beer, a fine creamy head. Then, of course, a 5 hour drive north & back to work on Monday. The beer just didn’t taste the same.

  4. Gotcha beat: 1990, we set our wedding date for the Memorial Day weekend so we’d both have three consecutive days off. Got married on the church lawn Saturday morning (that was free; building rental, however, we couldn’t’ve afforded. Invitations were hand-written on a pretty stationery-shop tablet I found. The honeymoon was a drive to Abilene to see family and friends who couldn’t make the wedding, then a day at Six Flags in Dallas (Sunday) and a drive home Monday.

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