Becoming Idiocracy…oh that’s too kind

I’ve often wondered what this country will look like as reason is abandoned for raw emotion. Watching the creepy video clip of the birther making the rounds, tells me that Idiocracy would be the best case scenario. Stupid America won’t be benign.

Here isAdrastos’ take on the birthers:

This is a good example as to
why there aren’t many moderate Goopers left. The party has been taken
over by tin foil hat wearing wackjobs who think Obama is going to swoop
down on them in a black helicopter, kidnap them and take them toTrafalmadore for study. Holy anal probe, Batman.

woman in the clip waving her birth certificate was both disturbed and
disturbing. This talk of “taking our country back” may sound only
moderately creepy in the context of a tea bag type protest but when
spouted by a birther it’s downright menacing. Whose country is she
talking about? My country is diverse as hell whereas hers seems to be
some fantasy land out ofLeave It To Beaver
or an Andy Hardy flick. This woman should just go out and buy a sheet
and pointy hat; at least that way her bigotry would be out in the open
instead of hidden. Malcolm X always said that he preferred people who
were honest about their prejudices instead of hiding them under a rock.
The rock could always be used to whap you upside the head. In this
case, the rock is the bizarro birther phenomenon.

p>And here is Jon Stewart’s take:

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11 thoughts on “Becoming Idiocracy…oh that’s too kind

  1. Similar to the lady that spoke to McCain during the campaign stating the “Obama was an Arab”. I’m really sorry to see the demise of the written word so that the ignorant can be spoon fed their news without having so much as to even chew.

  2. If this is the best the racist crazies can come up with, their party has a lot to worry about. Not Obama.

  3. Obama did not deal with the rumors when they first arose in a forthright fashion. As James Carville has observed, any political lie not challenged within 24 hours becomes a political truth. Obama screwed up by not walking out and handing his birth certificate to members of the mainstream press early on, so that they could see and feel his birth certificate – that’s what McCain did, as you will recall. He further compounded the situation by not posting both sides of his COLB online. He posted one side only, the embossment wasn’t visible and pertinent information blacked out. When he finally handed over a copy, it was to Fact Check – an supposedly non-partisan organization that is funded by the Annenberg foundation to which Obama has long-standing personal ties. That merely fed the flames.
    I’m the person who dug up the his contemporaneous birth announcement in the Honolulu Advertiser and documented what the procedure was that resulted in the announcement being in the paper in the first place. I was the first person to ask for that search to be done at the Hawaii State Library. Now, I can’t stand Obama. I think he’s going to prove to be the worst Democratic president in history – and I’ve thought that about him all along. The reason this story still exists is that the campaign ignored it when it was fresh and the fact that they ignored it, lent, in the birthers’ paranoid little lizard brains, credence to their concerns.
    BTW, Fact Check smeared me saying that I was trying to dig up dirt on Obama but found the announcement instead. Had i been looking to smear Obama, I never would have forwarded the copy of the announcement to Texas Darlin’ and hung around to answer the questions about why it was clear evidence that Obama was, indeed, born in Hawaii.

  4. they already tested refuting. sometimes it makes the idiots believe it more. there is no logic there. this time should be put down to chlorinate the gene pool of the too stupid to live. but the real problem if Fux gnews and all the hate radio that just coddles them. you don’t need FACTS dear stoopids.
    may fux ect be the pie piper of stupidity taking the republikkklans off the cliff. or desert where they die.
    and we already had ‘ow! my balls'(jackass).

  5. righto, scout.
    as evidenced by my post yesterday, this exact thing has been on my mind. In the Carville/Cheney clip from the King show, Carville does good by pointing out at the end exactly what Cheney is trying to do, spelling it out.
    This isn’t politics as usual. This is not the same as democrats being upset about Bush’s military records. This is more like imagine what would happen if Olbermann went on the air and started talking about the persistent rumors that Laura Bush sold pot before she was married or some such BS

  6. can we let this irrelevant BS die out in ignored silence and focus on the real work we need to do?
    the “noncitizen” fetishists are no more relevant than Sarah Palin. Let’s stop buying into the main$tream media distractions and stay focused.
    Guantamo is still open, and prisoners there may still face torture.
    Bush and Cheney haven’t been investigated yet, let alone indicted.
    California’s government is being turned belly-up, and that’s the SIXTH BIGGEST economy in the world.
    We’re still tearing the tops off mountains in Appalachia to mine coal that causes pollution as well as global warming.
    Oh, and there’s NOT GONNA BE a healthcare reform vote until after the August recess.
    Can we FOCUS on the ISSUES?

  7. This is not irrelevant BS. This is a very dangerous group that is just one charismatic leader away from a very dangerous movement.
    In my view, we scoff and dismiss these fellow Americans at our own peril. This is a “fringe” group of tens of millions of people who are so enthralled with their hateful world view that they may well be unreachable.
    A demagogue figuring out how to use this group for his/her own power-grabbing ends could well spell the end of this America. Maybe not in the next 5 years, but in the next 10…

  8. To hell with this nonsense–let’s have a referendum on blue state secession. We’ll get real free market capitalism (no monopolies, labor rights, living wages, 4-8 weeks vacation like the rest of the frakking free world), universal single-payer health care, public financing of political campaigns and all the smart people in America. The red staters can have the Confederacy and Sarah Palin. Let’s vote.

  9. I draw a very strong and firm distinction between someone who is passionate because of a reasoned process that looks at the facts vs. someone who is just passionate based on ignorance,

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