5 thoughts on “How Buzz Aldrin Does Things

  1. Ahhh, conspiracy nuts.
    You know that the jagoff who accosted Aldrin just takes this as proof that he’s right. That’s the worst goddam thing about conspiracy nuts–any response (including no response at all) is taken by them as evidence that they’re right.
    So Buzz’s reaction is probably the best possible thing to do.

  2. the conspiracy theorists have been around forever — they may have been the inspiration for as much as inspired by Capricorn One. Even James Brolin’s ashamed of that clunker.
    Good on Aldrin, say I.
    More people ought to stand up for their principles that strongly. Note that the city & state chose not to prosecute, as the guy Aldrin punched had accosted him first and even initiated contact.

  3. You hear Buzz say in the clip “Someone get him away from me!” Damn! That was some right hook!

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