Defending Lou Dobbs

His radio show is not affiliated with CNN, you guys:

[Warning: Link contains Hannity]

So how’s CNN handling it’s falling star’s latest turn to
conspiracism? For the most part, by distancing itself. The network has
beenquick topoint out to media reporters that Dobbs’ more egregious statements have come on his radio show, which is not affiliated with CNN.

asked a network spokeswoman whether it’s CNN’s position that there is a
question about Obama’s eligibility to be president. “No, CNN has fully
investigated the issue and found no basis for the questions about the
president’s birthplace,” she responded.

Asked, then, why the
network would continue to allow Dobbs to present the birthers’ theories
on air, the spokeswoman pointed to an earlier statement, which reads,
“On CNN, Lou is an independent reporter who covers stories that people
are talking about, and often showcases issues that aren’t being covered
by the mainstream media.”

Fuck mepurple, if CNN isn’t the mainstream media, what is? If Lou Dobbs is covering it on CNN, it is about as mainstream as you can get without a Thomas Kinkade painting and a soundtrack by fucking Celine Dion. In fact, the way you know a topic is DEAD is that it comes up on CNN. So suddenly Lou Dobbs is “edgy” and “out there” and the choice of a new generation? Hipster, please.

This is the weakest possible dodge to get around having to say something like, “We have no control over Lou Dobbs because he’s a brand name, not a person, and therefore weaklings like, you know, HIS BOSSES cannot say to him, ‘Stop making us look like tinfoil-encrusted nitwits, you overstuffed sausage casing’ without causing a starfucking hissyfit. What can we say, people around here don’t work for anybody but themselves. We just throw shit on the air without any kind of standards whatsoever because that’s what Fox did for years and it worked, if by ‘worked’ you mean made a few people shitloads of money. So there you have it. We arethe news equivalent of fingerpainting. Eat it with a smile, motherfuckers.”


11 thoughts on “Defending Lou Dobbs

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, your rants are the gold standard for working blue. Damn, that was great.
    I’ll have more of that, please.

  2. Hi A. This isn’t related to the Louchebag but I thought you mightbe interested anyway. There must be some kind of fraud involved because newspapers are not profitable anymore.

  3. My solution, which I acted upon more than ten years ago during the Blowjob Impeachment: stop fucking watching television news. All of it. It’s all corporate bullshit. I don’t watch a second of any of it. It’s the same thing as listening to Rush Limbaugh–it’s nothing but bullshit that’s going to piss me off. I’ve expanded that horizon to NPR in my vehicle, as well, sadly. The only way we can change this situation is to vote with our cash. When liberals, progressive and common-sense moderates just stop engaging in any way with these insane corporate-elite propaganda machines, they will wither and die. If bleeding-heart liberalism made more money that shit-flinging wingnut insanity, O’Reilly would sound like Alan Alda. It’s never been about the message; it’s about what makes a quick buck.

  4. …more money THAN wingnut insanity…
    sorry, my wrath is in excess of my typing ability

  5. this what more people need to do sandman. the teevee gnews have devolved into a herd of chickens pecking at whatever is in front of their heads.
    TURN THEM OFF, do not give CNN your eyes. it is only for disaster video + you must MUTE it or your brain cells will DIE.

  6. If you must watch, tune in to BBC America. Even if you don’t have the cable/satellite channel, many PBS stations run their nightly newscast.

  7. If Lou Dobbs is covering it on CNN, it is about as mainstream as you can get without a Thomas Kinkade painting and a soundtrack by fucking Celine Dion.
    Oh, dear gods. That rant should have had a spew warning on it. Had I not swallowed that mouthful of Coke a mere second before I red it, my monitor would have been drowned.

  8. Lou Dobbs is an irrelevant old white guy.
    So is Rush Limbaugh.
    Why pay any attention to them? They’re only trying to raise your blood pressure.
    BBC America comes over the local PBS channel at 11:00 pm CDT. Beats the living daylights out of Coooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn O’Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen or Gap-Tooth Duh-Vit. (I tune in after Colbert or instead of South Park).

  9. Sandman, I love the BBC America newscast. It reminds me of watching the news when I was little: interesting stories, given time to breathe, and a sense that you weren’t there to be entertained.
    Good stuff.

    What David Terrenoire said.
    I entertain the fantasy that someday the Times will snap out of it and hire you to do a twice-weekly op-ed.

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