7 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. The main problem with America today is not that our problems are unsolvable, it’s that we have a government controlled by the wealthiest elite that lacks the political will to do what’s necessary. Health care? Problem–for-profit insurance lets people die. Solution–single-payer. Energy? Problem–for-profit oil corporations rake in billions of dollars in profit while screwing the consumer. Solution–pull a Hugo Chavez and nationalize the oil industry. Gas would sell for 50ยข a gallon. Illegal immigration? Problem–rich Americans use cheap Mexican labor to maximize profits and screw the government out of taxes. Solution–fine and imprison CEOs of companies that use illegal labor. The solutions are simple and feasible. The problem is that we continue to allow the one percent at the top to dictate what we can and cannot do, along with the fact that 30 percent of the disenfranchised are so bamboozled by right-wing propanganda and moronic christianist hypocritical bullshit that they keep voting themselves right into the poor house and the grave. I wouldn’t care about them so much if we weren’t all on the same sinking boat.

  2. Hi A,
    you’re gonna have to get signs that are easier to understand the logic and meaning. This one is too obtuse for me to understand. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    On a much more pleasant note, the cross-Iowa bicycle ride – RAGBRAI – is nearing an end. Weather this week has been in the mid to maybe high 80s and today is in the upper 70s. Man I wish I could take the time off to join them.

  3. spocko –
    Well done. But why stop there? Sussman is a conservative jerk-off, an insult to caring, progressive people throughout our region. Let’s write to all the advertisers on his show. They’ll poop their pants when they get the message: The gay community in the Bay area is a powerful economic force.

  4. Oh Really, well. I’ve done it before and I might do it again, last time we cost them 28 advertisers, millions in revenue and Melanie Morgan her job.

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