Freedom Fighters, Patriots, Poseurs

You know, I wrote some pretty intemperate shit back before the 2004 election, about the clash of civilizations and the death of all we hold dear, about the true worth of the work we did and the karmic bitchslap that surely awaited our opponents, about BREAKING THE LAW and ALL THE DEAD PEOPLE and whatnot. But honest to God, and I’ve been combing the archives for a while now, I don’t think I wrote anythingquite as crazymaking as this:

People around me are telling me to step back and let someone else fight
the fight. You are spending too much time on it. You are setting
yourself up as a target. The other side is too powerful.

But I tell them and all that are trying to stop me:

-I am going to rest up (for a few hours) and fight harder
-I am going to double my efforts to make up for our lost patriot
-I am going to be smarter and know how to fight with the arguments
-I am going to remember everyday what is at stake: freedom and liberty can be wiped out with one vote
-I was a swing voter in a swing state: I am not anymore.
-This fight has shown me what is GREAT about this country and what I am willing to do to keep it that way.

Tomorrow, I will go to work and contact the blue dogs and take the
fight to the streets to win the hearts and minds of the American
people. After all, isn’t it “we the people” that make this country
great and can preserve it’s greatness? I no longer ask why this job has
fallen to me and other patriots.

But, I have to ask why aren’t more people paying attention? Standing
next to me? Why aren’t more people taking to the streets like they did
in Iran?

If we wait until a freedom is taken away, isn’t it too late then? So what are you willing to do today to keep our freedom?

Because … what does that even mean? In the first place, the problem the Tea Parties have is that aside from being imbued with a general sense offuck you liberals, there isn’t much point to them. They’re not solely rallies against tax increases and they’re not solely conspiracy gatherings and they’re not solely anti-health care reform. They’re just this mishmash of shit that lots of nutters are against or for, and it’s hard to sustain people’s interest in something that has no clear purpose and no clear goal. It’s harder still to get media attention for a story that can’t be explained in ten seconds. “Today, Bob, we’re reporting live from the scene of a rally against … stuff … with people.”

But seriously, what the fucking fuck with Drama Queen up there? As I said, I’ve written some pretty self-important crap in my half-decade here on the political internet (Jesus Christ, I’m old) but I can excuse some of it given that there was a war going on and thousands of people were about to get dead for no reason anyone could explain coherently, and also that the president was breaking the law and literally nobody cared, I mean you could not get people to care by paying them. That speech up there is about being against things, and for other things, among them greatness, and America, and possibly Sarah Palin, all of it couched in terms Henry V at Agincourt would have found hyperbolic beyond endurance. What the chocolate hell, I mean:

I am going to be smarter and know how to fight with the arguments

Too easy.


5 thoughts on “Freedom Fighters, Patriots, Poseurs

  1. I clicked the link to read the whole thing.
    You didn’t post the best line! “We lost a great freedom fighter this week and it makes me think.” My first thought was “They did? Who died?”
    Talk about drama llamas.
    I’m going to fight for ummmm STUFF, too! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  2. “I am going to be smarter and know how to fight with the arguments.”
    It gets smarter and fights with teh argumentses. Sweet Jesus.

  3. I read the whole post too and I honestly don’t understand what these people think is happening.
    Unfortunately, I can’t parse any meaning out of their messages other than, “I can’t accept that people who agree with me aren’t in power anymore,” and “The President is a nih*CLANG.”
    If there’s anything else there of substance, please, someone explain it to me?

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