Freedom: You’re Smothered By It

Who needs regulation?

The Tennessee Valley Authority failed for more than 20 years to
heed warnings that might have prevented a massive coal ash spill in
Tennessee, then allowed its lawyers to stifle a $3 million study into
the disaster’s cause to limit its legal liability, an inspector
general’s report said Tuesday.

Sen. Lamar Alexander,
R-Tenn., and chairman of the TVA congressional caucus, said the report
“raises major concerns which must be taken seriously … to ensure that
such a coal ash spill never happens again.”

111-page report from TVA Inspector General Richard Moore came as
officials from the nation’s largest public utility made a third
appearance before a congressional panel since the spill last Dec. 22.

President and CEO Tom Kilgore was among those scheduled to testify
Tuesday before the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure’s
subcommittee on water resources and environment.

The breach of
5.4 million cubic yards of toxic-laden coal ash from the earthen dams
and holding ponds at TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant into the Emory River
and lakeside homes has raised questions about the risks and lack of
regulation of hundreds of similar sites around the country.

Apologies for the lack of blogging today. Today was day three and hopefully day LAST of a horrific migraine that made the thought of reading conservative idiocy, much like the thought of sitting up or eating food or speaking to other human beings, completely impossible. A return to your regularly scheduled crack delivery and cock jokes is scheduled around midmorning tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Freedom: You’re Smothered By It

  1. Hope you get to feeling better.
    On the other topic, failing to heed warnings seems like criminal negligence and stifling the investigation sounds a whole lot like obstruction.
    Yet, from what I’m reading, the folks in the impacted area are still walking in the sludge remains.

  2. Sorry to hear about your migraine. My son gets them, fortunately not the three-day version. I can’t imagine. Take a well-earned break, then return to the fray. We need you.

  3. Very hesitant to post medical advice but here goes.
    My wife has migraines and has been to the ER several times so we have experience with this. She has had good luck with Relpax medication for run of the mill migraines. For the serious ones she uses a prescription anti-nausea medicine combined with Imitrex injectable. This has kept her out of the ER the last few times and has gotten her back on her feet within hours.
    Very sorry to hear about migraines and wishing a speedy recovery.

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