It Will Never Be Enough


Sullivandigs in:

want Obama to instruct the Hawaii officials to release the official
original document they say they have in their hands. Why not?

it to who? Release it where? Could Glenn Beck and Geraldo Rivera have a
live primetime special with the birth certificate? Or should we mat it
on a nice American flag background and display it in the Capitol
Rotunda? Or maybe a train tour of major cities, and people could pay
$5.00 to view it. Or, we could spend 100 million dollars of the
stimulus money and mail everyone a color photograph. Or maybeACORN could just tack xerox copies on to telephone poles around the country.

You cannot convince wingnuts of anything. You could build a time machine and take a camcorder back into the delivery room and watch Obama actually being born and look out the window and see palm trees and wingnuts would just claim the date stamp was faked and anyway, we all know time machines can be faulty and maybe the kerning was just off.

You can’t convince them of anything because they’re not in this to be convinced. They’re in this to drive Obama out of office and that’s their goal. Anything less than that, no matter what evidence you provide, will not be enough to get them to sit down, take off the tinfoil, and have a beer already.


7 thoughts on “It Will Never Be Enough

  1. It’s like not negotiating with terrorists. The ones who are actually crazy enough to believe this will not give up their addiction to their obsession. The ones who are using this as political leverage (the majority) will just move on to something else, like how the president wants to kill their grandmother or how racist he is or whether his wife is trying to undermine the pesticide industry.
    It strikes me as amusing when they say, “if the President would just show us the document, all this would go away.”
    They really seem to think they’re making him sweat.
    I could be wrong, and I’m sure they’re aware of the nuisance aspect of it, but does anyone really think the Obama team is feverishly worrying about the birthers’ next move?

  2. There’s an old church joke, just replace “liturgist” with “birther”.
    What’s the difference between a liturgist and a terrorist?
    You can negotiate with a terrorist.
    But if there is this vast liberal conspiracy, I’ve been out of the loop. Where do I go for the meetings? What is the secret handshake? etc.

  3. nothing would convince them. that is how illogical they are. like the CIA didn’t double check in 2007 you fucktards. but their racism is so great, they will use anything to not have a black president.

  4. The birthers are all part of Obama’s super-sneaky health care plan.
    No really. Here’s how it goes: laughter is the best medicine, right?
    Birthers are a 100% guaranteed source of fall-down-laughing humor, right?
    Loftily distaining the birthers ‘concerns’ drives them into a frenzy, right?
    So Obama ignoring the birthers yields health care. QED.
    Well, for everyone OTHER than the birthers. They’ll stroke out, have coronaries, cheetos overdoses, shot as rabid, etc., and get removed from the population.
    I call WIN!

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