Naming Rights

By far my favorite suggestion inthis thread about Arizona basically having to panhandle, like, as astate, is the one about selling the naming rights. I don’t think they should sell the naming rights to the state buildings, though. I think you kick in enough cash to get millions through a budget crunch, you should get to rename the STATE.

I could become a resident of Chicago, Tostitos (TS) or Chicago, Bank of America (BOA).


4 thoughts on “Naming Rights

  1. Unfortunately the game has begun already. Think of all the public buildings with company names.
    Does any city not have a Sprint Center / Auditorium.
    The public stadium in Phoenix is the University of Phoenix (I really thought U of P would be a fantasy league 😉
    think of all the colleges with dorms with names like the MCI dorm, etc.

  2. At least Tostitos isn’t taking taxpayer bailout money, which is more than I can say for BOA.

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